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A Healthier Dog Treat You Can Make at Home

9-4-2015- We read labels to avoid hidden trans fats, we shun plastics and canned goods known to contain BPA, and are leery of health-halo terms like "all natural" that often disguise chemical flavorings. So why don't we do the same for our pets?

Kids, Dogs & Fitness: 5 Great Exercises Children Can Do With Their Dogs

9-4-2015- Some care and caution are required for these exercises, as the dog should trust its master and must be well-trained. Allowing a child to care for a dog offers many health benefits.

You Can Monitor Your Pets' Health With New Collars

9-3-2015- PetPace, based in Burlington, Massachusetts, has a medical collar that can measure a dog's vital signs and other information to look for signs of pain. Irregularities trigger a notice by phone, text or email. Voyce, created by I4C Innovations Inc., and based in Chantilly, Virginia, has a consumer version that tracks similar information.

The healing power of pets: Research, experience speak to benefits of animal-assisted therapy

9-2-2015- Therapy Animals Pets can decrease cholesterol levels, blood pressure and feelings of loneliness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But you don't have to own the dog for him to be your best friend.

Ice cream goes to the dogs: Fun treats for Fido

9-2-2015- Doggie cookies, cakes --and now ice cream. Companies are responding to dog owners looking for the latest way to pamper their pooch by pumping out jowl-licking treats modeled after human sweets. The Bear & The Rat is one company that makes doggie desserts, including frozen yogurt, without ingredients like soy, chocolate or artificial ingredients that make pets sick.

Key indicators for the overall health of your cat or dog

9-1-2015- Understanding what to watch for in your pet's health can help extend the life of your precious cat or dog while also providing the animal with a better quality of life. Burgess Animal Hospital in Cambridge, Ontario, talks to us about key indicators for the overall health of your cat and dog.

American Brand Dog Treats Recalled After Causing Serious Illness & Death

9-1-2015- We all want to make sure that the treats and food we give our dogs will not cause them any harm, but how can we really be sure? Pur Luv dog treats have been recalled due to "indigestible rock-hard" ingredients that have caused many injuries and in some cases even death yet they're still available for purchase.

Traveling This Labor Day Weekend? Tips for Taking Your Pet Along

8-31-2015- If you're trying to get in one last blast of summer and you want your beloved pets by your side, there are steps you can take now to prevent howling, yowling, hissing and snarling. Start with these ideas from veterinarian Dr. Ed Blach of Vet24seven: 1.

10 Ridiculously Easy Things You Can Do To Keep Your Dog Healthier Longer

8-31-2015- We dog lovers all want the same thing: more time with our best friends. Here are some super easy steps you can take to make sure your pups live long, happy, healthy lives. 1. Routine Examinations Many pet owners only visit the vet when they are seeing a problem.

Overweight pup gets second chance at life

8-31-2015- Obese, unhealthy and mourning the loss of his owner, Vincent was surrendered to a county animal shelter in Houston two weeks ago. His prospects didn't look good. He weighed in at 38 pounds, double the healthy weight for a 7-year-old dachshund.

New Beer For Dogs Means You And Your Pup Can Throw Back A Few

8-31-2015- It's no secret that dogs are a man's best friend. And for all the love and care they give us humans, don't you think they deserve a beer? Thanks to a non-alcoholic, canine-safe brew from Flat12 Bierwerks in Indianapolis, now they can have one without stealing any of yours.

How to introduce a new pet into your home

8-30-2015- Q&A: Debbie Caknis, a qualified nurse and midwife with a deep love of animals, offers some advice on introducing a new pet into your home. Cats and dogs are very different, and so should be introduced into a home in completely different ways. Dogs should meet outside the home, on leads, in neutral territory.

Lafayette veteranarian raising two clones of his now-departed dog

8-30-2015- There was just something about Melvin. For Lafayette veterinarian Phillip Dupont, his dog was more than man's best friend - the canine was so special that when it became affordable, Dupont had him cloned. Yes, he cloned his dog, a mixture of Catahoula and

Providing for your pets after you are gone

8-29-2015- Many people have pets that they're devoted and attached to and are concerned about what would happen to your pets if you were no longer able to take care of them. Can I provide for my pets if I am unable to take care of them?

The high price of turning your dog into a foodie

8-28-2015- Bay-Li, Car-Li and Hay-Li have had a rough day. After a workout on the treadmill, a dip in the pool and some personal grooming, they finish off the day with a gourmet dish of chicken thighs, sweet potatoes, Red Delicious apples and blueberries.

10 Years Later, Pit Bull Rescued During Katrina Finally Has A Forever Home

8-28-2015- A few weeks after Hurricane Katrina, veterinarian Jennifer Wellman was volunteering at a camp set up to care for displaced pets, many of whom were sick and starving. Pinky came in -- a sunburned pit bull with a bad skin condition and a sweet disposition, and nowhere to go.

Keeping Your Pet At A Healthy Weight

8-27-2015- "As an American culture, most of our pets- as well as most of us -are overweight," said Dr. Jaimie Ronchetto of Cinema Veterinary Centre . "So (pet owners) see these other pets that all look the same, so they think that's normal.

8-27-2015- Dogs and cats' dental hygiene is definitely something pet owners should be mindful of on a day-to-day basis. A clean bill of dental health is not just for people, but for pets as well! Many pet owners are not aware their dogs and cats are just as susceptible to bad oral hygiene as people.

The Surprising Reason Humans Love Cat Videos

8-27-2015- Search YouTube for and you'll find over 25 million results; that's more than you'll find for public figures, like Taylor Swift or or even other emblems of cuteness, like human babies Barack Obama, . Kitties rule the Internet, thanks to our endless cultural appetite for feline films. It's clear that we're drawn to videos of cat being jerks or playing with babies.

Does your pet need a supplement?

8-26-2015- One of the most common health problems for aging cats and dogs is arthritis. One out of four pets will develop arthritis, degenerate joint disease or joint discomfort. Difficulty getting up, jumping into a car, onto a bed or finishing a walk are signs of joint discomfort.

5 Clever Ways to Save on Pet Care

8-26-2015- If you're like most pet owners, you consider your animal companions part of the family. But caring for pets can often lead to high expenses, which puts a strain on your household - and, more specifically, your wallet. It's important to evaluate how we care for the animals we love without dropping your hard-earned money into a veterinary sinkhole.

Local woman warns of popular pet medication

8-26-2015- Elizabeth Taylor said she was trying to protect 6-year-old Roscoe by giving him Trifexis, a monthly combo pill made for heartworm, parasite and flea prevention. "I feel like I poisoned my dog" said Elizabeth Taylor. [WEB EXTRA: Elanco statement | FDA info on Trifexis ] "First time he got a little sick, but I didn't think anything of it.

Have allergies? How to find the right pet -

8-25-2015- When the First Family got Bo, a Portuguese water dog, because President Obama's daughter Malia has allergies, reports claimed that it was the perfect "hypoallergenic dog" (meaning it wouldn't cause an allergic reaction). "But there is no such thing," says Jessica Vogelsang, DVM, a veterinarian in San Diego.

Healthy teeth tips | Bow Wow Times

8-24-2015- Healthy Teeth Tips 1. Starting Early Always Helps As with any grooming ritual, it's best to start this from an early age so as your pup associates it as a part of life and not something to be afraid of. Don't worry if you haven't though, with time and patience your dog should soon adjust.

Owning a pet can be beneficial to your health

8-24-2015- Owning a pet isn’t ideal for everyone, but if you’re on the fence about animal adoption, you should know there are many health benefits to pet ownership. Studies have shown that having a pet helps reduce stress by increasing serotonin, a natural chemical that is associated with well-being, and reducing cortisol, a hormone associated with stress. Having a pet can reduce...