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Updated by Emily Roediger on Apr 26, 2015
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"Food" for Thought: An Online Information Case Study

Have you read something outrageous in the blogosphere lately? Been tempted by sensationalist clickbait? Before you hit that "share" button, you might want to investigate. Where are these claims coming from, and what do you know about the author? This list will aid your online investigation of the "Food Babe" and the statements she makes regarding many chemical additives found in common food items. But before you you take sides, remember... everything you read has a slant, and every author has an agenda.

"The Food Babe Says There's Beaver Butt in Your Ice Cream" By Michelle M. Francl (Slate)

This article examines a few of Food Babe's more outlandish claims, examining their impact from both a scientific and social perspective.

"Taking On the Food Industry, One Blog Post at a Time" By Courtney Rubin (The New York Times)

*Start here! * Although the Food Babe has long had many vocal detractors, this March 2015 article in The New York Times really catapulted the controversy surrounding her and her blog to national prominence.

"The Controversial Rise of the 'Food Babe'" By Susannah Cahalan (New York Post)

This article acknowledges the claims made by Hari's opponents but also discusses some of her very real successes and the overall positive influences she's had on transparency in the food industry.

"Activist 'Food Babe' Talks Chemicals and Healthy Eating" By Vani Hari as told to Kathleen Hou (New York Magazine)

Vani Hari gives a more in-depth account of her background and why she has become, in her words, a "consumer activist."

"Response: NY Times Lets Biased Freelancer Attack Food Babe" By Vani Hari (Food Babe Blog)

In this response to the NY Times article, posted on the Food Babe blog, Hari attempts to denounce some of the claims against her and issues a call to action for members of her Food Babe Army.

"Food Babe Visits My University" By Kevin Folta (Illumination, his personal blog)

Kevin Folta, a professor in the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida, is another vocal opponent of Hari. Here on his personal blog he discusses Hari's appearance as a guest speaker at his university.

"What I Used To Look Like Before The Food Babe Way" Posted by Food Babe

This video, posted by Hari on the Food Babe blog, offers a brief introduction to her background and why she decided to start investigating the ingredients in processed foods.

"This Activist Is No Babe in the Woods" By Duane D. Stanford (Bloomberg)

This article examines the profitability of Food Babe's empire, including her blog, books, appearances, and nutritional guides.

"Activist or Capitalist? How the 'Food Babe' Makes Money" By E.J. Schultz & Maureen Morrison (Ad Age)

This article takes a closer look at the financial side of Hari's blog, examining how she makes her money and how her outspoken tactics influence the blog's profitability.


Dissecting Starbucks "Pumpkin" Spice Latte

Dissecting Starbucks "Pumpkin" Spice Latte

Posted by Vani Hari on "You’ll Never Guess What’s In A Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (Hint: You Won’t Be Happy)" This infographic lists the possible ingredients and chemical additives found in a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.


Is 'Food Baby' getting trolled?

Is 'Food Baby' getting trolled?

Posted anonymously on Meme Generator. Many of Food Babe's fans say she has unintentionally become the target of much malicious online ire. Has her opponents' intensity gotten out of hand?


Does 'Food Baby' have some explaining to do?

Does 'Food Baby' have some explaining to do?

Posted by David Gorski on Science-Based Medicine. David Gorski was one of Food Babe's earliest critics. He frequently speaks out against her claims and tactics in the media. Gorski is an American surgical oncologist, professor of surgery at Wayne State University School of Medicine, and a surgical oncologist at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute.