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Effective Exercises to Improve your Child's Speech

Whatever reasons you have for wanting to improve your child's speech; may it be to further enhance and broaden their vocabulary or to put an end to a speech problem, there will always be an effective way.

Language Improvement and Literacy Support

Eastside Speech Solutions only employs expert speech pathologists that are specifically trained to provide in-depth assessment and therapy. Operating since 2004, we individually tailor our language programs to suit our patients and know how to make therapy fun and engaging regardless of age or speech disability.

How to Develop Your Children's Speech and Language Skills Through Play and Positive Daily Interaction

Building a language rich environment is, on the face of it, an easy thing to do. Unfortunately, in today's busy households and with the busy lifestyles of parents who have to work full-time, it is harder to find the time to spend with your...

Exercises to Improve Facial Muscle Tone for Speech Therapy | LIVESTRONG.COM

Several diseases and disorders, such as Hypotonia and autism, can affect the muscles in the face responsible for speech. By utilizing various facial exercises to help build muscle tone and responsiveness of facial muscles, you can improve speech in many cases. Speech therapy is most often used in children, although adults can develop speech...

Speech Exercises for Stuttering Preschoolers

The last thing you want to do is panic if your preschooler shows signs of stuttering. A certain amount nonfluency and disruption in speech is not a cause for concern -- particularly between the ages ...

Speech: 8 Activities to Help with a Speech Delay - Mom it Forward

When a child has a speech delay, communicating about their wants and needs can be a difficult task. It may be equally frustrating for caregivers and adults when communication is ineffective. Whether the speech delay is developmental or due to another medical issue such as a hearing loss or autism, teaching a child with a speech delay can be achieved with the right approach.

Tongue Twisters To Improve Speech

Tongue twisters are one of the few types of spoken wordplay that are fun to recite and are a great tool to aid children's language development.

Activities to Increase Speech Skills in Toddlers

Many toddlers experience an explosion in their speech skills sometime after their second birthday, according to During this time, your tot's vocabulary will become much larger, and he will combini words into short sentences.

Class Makes Speech Therapy Child's Play

Four-year-old Matthew Guadagno of Northridge sat in an elementary school classroom Tuesday carefully drawing a flag on a sheet of paper. "What have you got there?" asked Nanci Mancinelly, his teacher. "It's a fwag," Matthew answered. "No, that's f-l-a-g," Mancinelly enunciated slowly, guiding Matthew's eyes to look directly at her so he could see how the word is formed.