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Current Issues in Education

Healthier School Lunches ~ Center for Science in the Public Interest

Since 1971, the Center for Science in the Public Interest has been a strong advocate for nutrition and health, food safety, alcohol policy, and sound science. Its award-winning newsletter, Nutrition Action Healthletter, is the largest-circulation health newsletter in North America, providing reliable information on nutrition and health.

YOU Can Help Make School Lunches Healthier! - Food Revolution Network

How are our children supposed to learn when their school lunches fill them with junk? In 2009, the School Nutrition Dietary Assessment Study, published in The Journal of the American Dietetic Association, evaluated the school meal program based on nearly 400 public schools.

Quick Tip Recipes: How to Make Healthy School Lunch for Kids - Weelicious

Get the LapTop Lunch Box here: Healthy School Lunch Tips: Don't know where to start when it comes to packing a delicious and healthy school lunch. These tips, tricks and ideas will help you think outside the lunchbox making the process a breeze! Tell us what you think!

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Learn how to make healthy school lunch ideas : kids recipe Rebecca Brand shows how to make an easy school lunch for you children's brown bag noon time nutrition. Making appetizing kid's lunches can be challenging, but these "Lunch Bunch" tricks help you to send a brown bag lunch to school that your kids will eat.

How to Make a Healthy Lunch

It's too easy to reach for the quick burger and fries on your lunch break. But with some quick prep work and forethought, you can make a more healthy and fulfilling lunch for yourself or for your family. It's a good idea to use lunch as an...

How to Make Kids School Lunches Healthy

Sometimes it's the little choices that mean the most. Take kids' school lunches. They don't have to be the perfect mix of power-packed high-protein, whole grain, low-salt, vitamin-rich, antioxidant superfoods. They just have to be good enough to offer the kids the nutrition they need to get through the day.

Tips to make school lunches healthier

"I think schools should have a healthier lunch cause it is not fun to be overweight. People overweight dont get to do everything people can do if not oevrweight. Being health is a good thing. Healthier bodies turn out to get in to better jobs cause they have healthier minds.

Being a parent often requires a non-stop juggling routine that begins with morning carpool and ends with bedtime stories. In the rush to get your children to school, it’s important not to forget the value of preparing them a healthy lunch.

5 Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Moms tell me one of their least favorite things about September is the thought of 10 long months of figuring out what to pack for lunch every day. My first piece of advice: Enlist assistants to help you-experts agree that getting the kids involved significantly ups the odds that they'll eat what you send.

25 Quick & Easy School Lunches to Pack for Your Kids Slideshow - Bon Appétit

It's back-to-school time, and we've got 25 quick and easy school lunches to keep your kids happy-or at least relatively so

30 Ideas for School Lunches

Good Housekeeping has assembled 30 easy and nutritious recipe ideas for everything from soup to sweets to help you plan healthy lunches that your favorite pupils will eat.

Recipes and Tips for School Lunches |

A ny parent will agree that the world's toughest food critics are children. This "aptitude" for culinary criticism is particularly evident with school-day lunches. You want to give your mini gourmand a balanced meal, one filled with double-duty foods that provide energy and nutrition while keeping junior sated and satisfied.

Paying Teachers for Performance: Issues and Dilemmas for Rural Schools, Teacher Tenure: Rural School & Community Trust

This article appeared in the July 2011 Rural Policy Matters. Editor's note: Links are free and current at time of posting, but may require registration or expire over time.

Is your child getting enough physical activity?

Tips to make sure your kid stays fit If anyone had asked our moms if their children were getting enough physical activity, they would've laughed. "Of course!" But today's increasingly sedentary lifestyle leaves many kids short on the exercise and play time they need to protect their health.

Study: Physical Education Programs Lacking In Most States

Only six states nationwide require the recommended 150 minutes of elementary school-based physical education, according to a study by University of Georgia kinesiology professor Bryan McCullick. Two states require adequate physical education instruction in middle school, but no states do so for high school students.

Physical activity is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle and boasts many benefits. In combination with a healthy diet, regular physical activity can help prevent a range of chronic diseases - including heart disease, cancer, and stroke - and helps control weight, builds lean muscle, promotes strong bone and joint development, and decreases the risk of obesity.

PE in schools: Are we all doing enough?

The way children exercise has changed enormously. Safety fears and apartment living have given them less space to play, while increased access to technology has made them far more sedentary. Evidence shows that about a quarter of Irish children are overweight or obese. Four out of five are not getting enough exercise.

Treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)

Treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has two important components - psychotherapy interventions (for both the child and the parents; or the adult with ADHD) and medications. There is a significant amount of research demonstrating that medication alone won't really help address so many of the core issues a child or adult with ADHD has.

Teaching Students with ADD / ADHD

In This Article If you're a teacher, you know these kids: The one who stares out the window, substituting the arc of a bird in flight for her math lesson. The one who wouldn't be able to keep his rear end in the chair if you used Krazy Glue.

How to Intervene in a Bullying Incident

It is important for educators to respond quickly and consistently to bullying behavior in order to send the message that it is not acceptable. Research shows that consistent intervention procedures can stop bullying behavior over time. Whereas doing nothing at all will make the bullying infinitely worse.

Bullying in school is usually a hidden problem. The teaching staff typically is unaware of how widespread bullying is in their building and may not even recognize the seriousness of bullying incidents that do come to their attention.

Homework debate: Too much, too little or busy work? -

And I thought Miley Cyrus' performance at the VMAs generated a ton of opinions. Ask parents how they feel about homework, as we did on CNN's Facebook page, and the response is immediate and intense. So many parents from all over the country sounded off passionately, saying we expect too much, too little or the wrong things from young students.

5 Reasons Kids Need Homework and 5 Reasons They Don't

Huge Collection - Instant Lessons View Collection - 50,000+ printables - Save Time! The benefits of homework has been debated by teachers and parents for years as the very word evokes very negative connotations to every involved, students, parents and teachers.

The Great Homework Debate: Is Homework Helpful or Harmful to Students?

Sometimes, I feel as if I have been doing homework my entire life. As a child growing up, I moved from worksheets, dioramas and book reports to essays, major projects and term papers. When I began teaching, I had lessons to prepare and my students' homework became my homework for grading.