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list of small but useful web development tricks

Many have been fascinated by the idea of using a template deigns for their website rather than a custom design. So what exactly is a custom design and what is a template design? Here I do not intend to elaborate on the technical aspects of the two but will give you a general idea on what a template design and a custom design is.

Ghost buttons are a fast growing trend with minimalist design. They are hollow and are well suited to be placed in prominent places like the center of a landing page . Apart from the elegant look and feel, use of ghost buttons have other benefits also.

Isomorphic web apps

Web apps are evolving across various streams so as to provide better and unique user experience. Isomorphic apps are designed to improve on the performance of web apps. They are the result of developers innovating to enhance the app experience.

Umbraco 7 and uCommerce

Umbraco is a powerful content management system in .Net. Using the uCommerce package available with Umbraco, versatile e-commerce solutions can be developed and managed easily.

Building Web APIs with Node.js

Node.js uses an event driven non-blocking I/O model which makes it suitable for developing lightweight and efficient big data applications that run across distributed devices.

Click SMS: Transforming the Hospitality Industry

Click SMS allows a computer to send or receive SMS transmissions. Using Click SMS, bookings was made easy in hospitality management system for businesses.

AngularJS in ASP.NET MVC4 and Entity Framework

Angular JS is a JavaScript framework for creating dynamic web applications. This article discusses about using Angular JS in an ASP.Net MVC 4 application.

6 Best Data Visualisation Tools

Data visualisation helps to make sense of large data very easily. Among the different tools available, here is our pick of the best data visualisation tools

Architecting API’s for Cloud Applications - Software Associates

API acts like an adhesive that connects system data parts and logic without compromising on security and architecting secure APIs for cloud applications is a necessity.

Entity Framework: Lazy load or Eager loading which to use

For web applications using LINQ and Entity framework, Lazy load or Eager load methods are the basic choices. This article briefs on the two loading methods with a simple example which can help you with the decision.

Freebie: Flat Preloaders - Software Associates

Set of simple animated flat preloaders by Software Associates. Preloaders are simple activity indicators that can enhance relevant user experience.

Developing Web Applications Using MongoDB - Software Associates

MongoDB is a new generation document-oriented database. It replaces traditional table structure with documents resembling JSON structure, allowing the use of flexible data structures.

Umbraco - Grid Layout - Software Associates

The Grid Layout is one of the most demanding and progressive property editors in the Umbraco CMS. It’s a tool that allows you to create and/or place content such as text, images, video etc. in a configurable grid layout. Grid is aimed at making page creation an easy straight forward process. Grid layouts consists of two main areas that are, grid layout area and grid rows.

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