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Top Attractions in Glenelg – experience the charm of Glenelg

Located in Adelaide, South Australia is the quiet and beautiful suburb of Glenelg. This beautiful coastal suburb is a great destination for tourists and travelers, as it offers many great attractions and inconic landmarks, ranging from historic to recreational. The many amazing beaches have contributed to Glenelg being one of the top tourist destinations in the area.


Glenelg Jetty

The Glenelg Jetty, located overlooking the Glenelg Beach, is one of the most visited places in the suburb owing to its great views and relaxing ambience. The Jetty is best visited during the later afternoon and evening, when the heat of the day is beginning to ease off. The Jetty is easily one of the best places to visit to witness the glorious sunset, or to have a quiet evening stroll while enjoying lovely scenery. The nearby Jetty Road is also quite popular amongst tourists and locals, owing to its many shops, restaurants and cafes. So if you are looking for a relaxing experience after lunch, then the blissful Glenelg Jetty is the place to be.


St. Peters' Anglican Church and St. Andrews' Church

These two churches are among the oldest buildings in Glenelg and are known for their stunning architectural beauty. St. Peters' Anglican Church was built in 1851 and boasts English Gothic style architecture. With its remarkable stained glass windows and traditional bell tower, St. Peters' Anglican Church is one of the most iconic cultural landmarks of Glenelg. St. Andrews' Church, starting from just a small shrine in 1848, has grown to be one of the most culturally and historically significant landmarks in Glenelg. Its Gothic style architecture, stunning alter, and amazing interior design are well worth witnessing.


HMS Buffalo

According to the history books, the first colonists who arrived at Glenelg in 1836 were brought to its shores by the HMS Buffalo. Although the original HMS Buffalo was wrecked in the 1840, a replica of this ship was built in memory of its voyage to Glenelg, and visitors of Glenelg can visit the real life model of the HMS Buffalo. Within this is replica ship is a restaurant that you can visit, and grab a bite to eat in one of the most culturally significant attractions in Glenelg. A great choice of accommodation for Glenelg hotel apartments is the Oaks Plaza Pier and visitors choosing to reside here can commute easily to the HMS Buffalo.


The Old Gum Tree

Another place of historic interest is the 'Old Gum Tree'. When the first colonists arrived at Glenleg in 1836, the first Governor, Governor Hindmarsh, came up to the Old Gum Tree and read out a proclamation in the name of King William IV. Thereby, he declared the establishment of the South Australian government, which was followed by traditional firing of the canons of the HMS Buffalo. Since this historic incident, the Old Gum Tree has been a symbol of Glenelg. Today, the Old Gum Tree is mostly concrete infill as the original bark has deteriorated with time, but the landmark still remains one of the most important cultural and historic attractions.


The Festivals & Events

Glenelg is known for hosting some of South Australia's most popular festivals and events. These range from exciting sporting events to vibrant seasonal festivals. Among the more popular festivals are the Proclamation Day festivities and celebrations, the dazzling Annual Christmas Day Pageant, the culturally significant Blessing of the Waters and Greeks Festival, and the fun-filled Bay Sports Festival. Sporting events such as the City to Bay Fun Run and the Bay Sheffield Race are also worth looking out for.