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Identifying What Type of Heavy Equipment You Need

Here's a list of heavy equipment to get you job done.

What Are Dump Trucks

On most construction sites, materials such as gravel, sand and fill dirt must be brought in, while waste materials such as old bricks and excavated dirt must be carried out. The bulk of this work is performed with specialized vehicles called dump trucks.

Heavy equipment

"Heavy machinery" redirects here. For the album by Anders Johansson, Jens Johansson and Allan Holdsworth, see Heavy Machinery (album). "Earthmover" redirects here. For the EP by Once Nothing, see Earthmover (EP). Heavy equipment refers to heavy-duty vehicles, specially designed for executing construction tasks, most frequently ones involving earthwork operations.

Heavy Equipment Industry - The heavy equipment industry -- including machines such as the backhoe, crane, wheel loade...

The heavy equipment industry - including machines such as the backhoe, crane, wheel loader, grader, forklift, and bulldozer - has been experiencing a near-6% growth rate worldwide for the past ten years. This demand is fueled by the need for new construction to accommodate growth, for the refurbishing of old projects and buildings, and for increased mining activity to provide raw materials for industry.

What Are the Different Types of Heavy Construction Equipment?

There are many different types of heavy construction equipment, including cranes, backhoes, forklifts, telehandlers, and...

How to correctly identify common heavy construction equipment

I have been noticing for a long time that many otherwise well-educated, intelligent people haven't got a clue about how to correctly identify common types of heavy construction equipment. Such people usually just randomly call everything they see, either a bulldozer (most commonly) and/or a loader.

Construction Equipments

Dump trucks or production trucks are those that are used for transporting loose material such as sand, dirt, and gravel for construction.

Earth Moving Equipment: Six Common Heavy Equipment

Excavators are large earth movement equipment that can be available over wheels or treads; this one is considered the standard in the industry. A traditional excavator usually has a long bucket arm attached to a pivoting cab that can rotate a full 30 degrees.

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