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Great Things to do in Singapore

Singapore has a great range of day trips, theme parks, museums and sports for expat families to enjoy, to give you a break from the non-stop hectic lifestyle of the city.

Singapore's Last Villages at Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin, also known as Ubin Island, houses the last kampongs or villages in Singapore. If you want a quiet escape from Singapore's typical pace, wander along the many trails at Pulau Ubin and be transported to 1960s Singapore.
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Singapore's Best Tourist Attractions

Modern Singapore, like its history, people and cuisine, is a glorious mix of influences, imbued with history but at the same time at the forefront of the modern world. The visitor is spoilt for choice and can indulge many special interests, be they colonial architecture, contemporary art, unrivalled shopping or the extraordinary mix of restaurants and night life. There is also a great range of day trips to enjoy—see these at Expat Essentials

Jurong Eco-Garden: The Next Most Instagrammed Park in Singapore

Would you be able to tell what are the most photographed places across ? Without looking at Instagram, you just might guess them as Singapore parks. This garden-city is filled with modern-awesome parks that can rival any other park across South East Asia. To discover more great family activities in Singapore, visit Expat Essentials

This new heritage trail will change the way you see Bedok

Launched by the National Heritage Board (NHB) as part of the ongoing Singapore HeritageFest, the Bedok Heritage Trail will transport you back in time to the era before the development of the East Coast area; a time when the colony’s wealthiest inhabitants resided in waterfront bungalows alongside fishing villages. With 10 markers spread along a 15km route, you’ll discover Bedok’s long history, from its kampung beginning to its key role in the East Coast Reclamation Scheme. Find other great things to do and places to visit in Singapore at Expat Essentials

Singapore Chingay Parade

From the main parade site to the heartlands, this street extravaganza epitomises the dynamism of Singapore's vibrant and multicultural society.
Learn more about the different people, religions and culture that make up the unique Singaporean society at Expat Essentials

Singapore River Cruise

A cruise on the Singapore River is definitely one of the best ways to see the city and get acquainted with the geography. You can find lots more interesting activities and day trips from Singapore at Expat Essentials

Smell the fear of Japanese Occupation at National Museum exhibit

Singapore is blessed with a great array of museums, galleries and other cultural places to visit. You can read about the National Museum and others at Expat Essentials

Monument Open House in Singapore

#Singapore is full of great monuments, museums and other places of cultural heritage. Discover them at Expat Essentials

10 Must-Visit Attractions in Singapore for Thrill Seekers

While Singapore is widely recognised for being a fantastic shopping and dining destination, it has also been steadily growing many aspects of its tourism scene in recent years. For thrill seekers with a natural thirst for adrenaline-pumping fun, we've lined up 10 must-visit attractions that are well worth the time. Discover more action-packed activities for all the family to enjoy in Singapore at Expat Essentials

Peranakan Museum

Peranakan Museum

  • Where: The Peranakan Museum, 39 Armenian Street, 179941.
  • Why? To finally find out what Peranakan actually means. To discover more about the history of Singapore.
  • When? Open daily 10am-7pm. Till 9pm on a Friday.
  • Cash heavy? Nope! Just $6 per entry, $3 for PR.
  • Kid friendly? Yes.

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Things to do in Singapore with Kids: 20 Fun Activities for the Entire Family

Think you've got the most out of Singapore, in terms of great family activities? Or need a few extra ideas when it comes to enjoying island-life with the kids? No more feeling sian, this is your chance to explore the best of Singapore. Discover more great family activities at Expat Essentials

Indoor Play Centres in Singapore: The Best Adventure Playgrounds for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

Indoor play centres are a godsend in Singapore - it's an island of extremes, scorching hot one moment and torrential floods the next. Playing outside at the park can be a challenging, tantrum-inducing proposition (and we don't just mean the kids).
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Running in Singapore: Hash run for Kids (and Adults) in Singapore

In Singapore there's a hash run every night of the week, and a kids' version, Discover more about hash running clubs in Singapore at Expat Essentials.

Rock-climbing wall and obstacle course at new Dads Adventure Hub

Rock climbing is an extremely popular activity in Singapore, and there are number of centres and climbing walls across the island. To find the best rock climbing walls in Singapore, visit Expat Essentials

The Top 10 Things To Do in Singapore When You Think You've Done It All!

As well as these suggestions, you can also find a great range of day trips in Singapore at Expat Essentials

Singapore's Best Family-Friendly Attractions

Singapore is an excellent place to visit with the kids in tow. Firstly, anyone who lives in Hong Kong will appreciate that everywhere in Singapore is buggy friendly - imagine that! No need to carry the buggy up flights of steps or resort to using the baby carrier all day (besides, it's way too hot and sweaty in Singapore to walk round with a baby strapped to you). Discover more great family attractions in Singapore at Expat Essentials

This cool app shows you what Singapore looked like in the past

The One Historical Map app is a cool way of looking at Singapore, past and present. Load it up on your browser or download it on Android, and then prepare to be sucked into a time warp. Discover more great Singapore apps at Expat Essentials

Films About Singapore

Singapore has a growing film industry, with a number of influential actors and directors making their mark in the international cinema world. This list includes some of the very best films about Singapore, and created by Singaporean filmmakers.

27 Singapore films you have to watch

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5 Gaming Cafes in Singapore

Whether it's old-school video games or super nerdy board games with beer, here are some places to gather up your geeky friends. For more great cafe's in Singapore, visit Expat Essentials

Free Things to Do in Singapore

Live graffiti at Sunday at the Training Shed It's true what they say: The best things in life are free. Give your wallet a break and have a satisfying day out without spending a single cent. From rockin' concerts to a penniless shopping flea, these awesome activities in Singapore promise not to break the bank. To find more great things to do and tourist attractions in Singapore, visit Expat Essentials

This year's HeritageFest will focus on Singapore's hawker history

With Singapore's hawker culture in the spotlight, there is no better time to get acquainted with the history of our favorite local dishes. At Singapore HeritageFest 2016, which runs from Apr 29 to May 15, the National Museum of Singapore will be putting up an exhibition recreating food stalls from the '60s. To discover more great things to do in Singapore, visit Expat Essentials

100 Best Things to do in Singapore

This tropical island located at the southernmost tip of peninsula Malaysia is a vibrant modern city-state. The city brings its best in food, nature, heritage, and culture to punch well above its weight on the global tourist map. You can read more about the best tourist attractions in Shanghai at Expat Essentials.

The Top 5 Places To Celebrate New Year in South East Asia

In this expat blog, we look at the best places for expats to celebrate the New Year in Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Bangkok.
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