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Adults with Ds Blogs

Names and links to blogs about adults who have Down syndrome

The Road We've Shared: An online community by and for parents and caregivers of adults who have Down syndrome

The Road We’ve Shared is built firmly on the concept of mutual respect for all viewpoints. We value the lives and individuality of adults who have Down syndrome and we will show the same respect for each other and the different paths we choose while we support our loved ones. This community is dedicated to the memory and legacy of Ethan Saylor. No one will be discriminated against for any reason including position in life, religious or political beliefs, or cultural perspective.

Lessons More Special Than Needs by Mardra Sikora

At 7 months pregnant, there came a night when I woke up in terrible pain. I climbed into our stick-shift car, which I did not know how to drive, and started down the road.


Writing on "Joshisms," Down syndrome advocacy, and #JusticeForEthan (by Walkersvillemom)

Adventures With Beth

Today I was able to get outside and work in the yard a little. I cut back some blackberry bushes and started to pull some weeds when I could hear these huge bees. They were black and yellow bumblebees and were so big!

Marty's Moose Tracks

My family has been after me to start a blog because they say I have so many funny stories. Trouble that I finally have a little time to actually record these memories, I can't remember any of them! This may be a blog about nothing, kinda like a Seinfeld episode!

Orange Juice Flavour Sky

Evie has opened my eyes. She is so in tune with her feelings. If she wants to lie in a puddle she will, if she doesn't feel like walking - she won't, if she wants your chocolate biscuit, then it's hers. It's refreshing (and often infuriating when I want that biscuit).

The Ordinary Life of an Extraordinary Girl

When Alex was born we heard all the dire predictions from some of the professionals: Low muscle tone Lack of coordination Poor eyesight Slow reflexes Challenges with weight Delays in processing, communicating and more We also heard the great things from many professionals and even more parents: Physical therapy and

Life with Charley - And Down Syndrome

A blog about Down syndrome parenting, adoption, and adults with Down syndrome

Joey's Ups with Downs Home Page

Joey's Ups with Downs is a children's book series about Joey's life experiences having Down syndrome. Teaching children the traits of empathy & compassion to combat bullying.

My Name is Sarah

Oh this is so exciting... My dad is outside putting Brutus up. We are about to have a Buckeye Bash. It's so windy Brutus is working hard to stand up. I love when it is bowl time. Tonight we are playing Alabama in the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

The Sassy Southern Gal

As I thought about sharing my story I thought of two very distinct stories from my life. The first took me back to Mt. Hebron Baptist Church in Joy, Arkansas. Joy is the tiny little White County community where I grew up.




The first book chronicling a student with intellectual disabilities from preschool through high school graduation. Inclusion, Down syndrome.

Widening Circle

I'm jumping back in here to the blog after a long hiatus involving work and more work and then some work, and lots of bickering with Jessie-as we tried to find our way through the new "no-rule" experiment we are trying at our house (and a few major performances involving ALL our time and energy).


Living a Joyful Life with Down syndrome