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Air Purifiers for Smoke - Best Air Scrubbers for Tobacco Odours

You might smoke, or live with a smoker, but how do you get rid of that stale smell? Scented sprays in my opinion just make the room smell terrible, synthetic room sprays and cigarette smoke is quite a cocktail to breathe but the latest air purifiers for smoke are quite remarkable since they remove the particles that cause the smell. From Ionizers to Charcoal air purifiers, here is my pick of the best resources and reviews.

In a rush? Read the reviews on the top rated air purifiers here (hint, I own the number one model and it is incredible at removing smoke!)


Honeywell 50250-S 99.97% Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier

Now I no longer complain about the smoke in our apartment and my husband also enjoys less sinus and nasal pressure. We did our homework on this one and read all about the Honeywell 50250. Before we decided to buy ours and were glad that we did.

Major hospitals, national, pharmaceutical and computer research labs use HEPA for air purification.

HEPA can effectively trap pollens, fine dust and smoke particles -- the major causes of allergy.

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O-Ion B-1000 Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier Pro Ionizer with UV-C Sanitizer, New

I recently quit smoking. My husband did not. This air cleaner makes it to where I can breathe comfortably when he smokes.

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Air purifier in smoking room a success!

Less 2nd hand smoke, less ash smell when I walked into the room the next day

Air Purifier Reviews

In this video we try to give you a starting point for your air purifier research. There is a lot of air purifier misinformation out there so we just want to set the record state. We evaluate many different sources of air purifier reviews so that our site users can save time.

The winner of the mid range air purifier is the Honeywell 50250

Click here for more reviews and information on the Honeywell 50250===>>>.

Best Ionic Pro Air Purifiers

Ionic Pro air purifiers remove dust, pollen, odours and contaminants from the air. You can use them around the home or at work and there are also compact models designed for the car that plug into the cigarette lighter socket. They are quiet and energy efficient and some designs are filterless - you just have to clean the collection blades.

Air Purifiers for Smoke - Best Rated Air Scrubbers

If you smoke, or live with a smoker, it can make the air in your home quite bad for your health and to be frank, it smells terrible! So from the huge selection of different types of air purifier, HEPA is a good choice as it traps the finer particles such as smoke and pollen, but avoid the models described as "HEPA-type" and "HEPA-like" as these purifiers fall short of this requirement, and there is no strict guideline for their exact definitions.

Air Purifiers for Smoke

Air Purifiers for Smoke: cigarette smoke is hard to deal with, but here is a range of some of the best rated air scrubbers available

Best Ionic Pro Air Purifiers

Air quality is important - but unfortunately the inner cities rarely give us the clean and fresh air that we need to survive allergy and irritant free.

Air Purifiers for Smoke via @Flashissue

Smokers often get moaned at for creating a nasty niff indoors, and even if they go outside the smell clings to their clothes. If you look carefully they will be breathing out the smoke even when their cigarette was only just stubbed out. So how do you combat that problem? Other than secretly sticking nicotine patches on them while they sleep there's not much you can do to deter them from their habit, but you can get a brilliant air purifier that removes the smell and lots of other little nasties like dust and pet dander.

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