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Marketing and Inspiration

Here are our favourite marketing articles and post! Feel free to contribute :)

Marketing for Easter: Which Company Mascot would make the Best Easter Bunny?

London, UK: Some companies are simply better positioned for marketing Easter. You've seen them in commercials, cereal boxes and even in bedspreads. Furry, cuddly and world famous, some bunny mascots have managed to make it to stardom thanks to the marketing efforts of their respective companies.

5 Worn Out or Vintage Brand Logos that Look Better than the Original

Sometimes worn out brand logos that have begun to deteriorate look better than the original. We've picked some of our favourites and asked why what designers refer to as the "distressed" look is so trendy London, UK: Vintage and retro styling is everywhere these days.

#BandTshirtDebate: The Wearing of the Band T-shirts

BandTshirtDebate: What do you think? Can you wear a band t-shirt without knowing the band, or a concert tee without having been? Come let us know! London, UK: I'm a bit of fashion addict: I love the experience of developing my own personal style.

Ready, Set, Take Off: Marketing the Heathrow Expansion

London, UK: So, why consider the Heathrow expansion campaign in the first place? Britain may be a small island but its popularity is as big as an ocean. With demand for air travel skyrocketing, it's no surprise Heathrow airport has been operating at an amazing 99% capacity for quite some time.

Creativity Gone Wrong: When Brands Translate and Fail

Taking your brand international means big success. But, watch out! It brings its perils. Creativity can easily backfire on you across cultural and language borders. So which brands tried to translate and failed? Many companies leap across borders with excitement and the baggage of hard-earned know-how from home.

Hype Energy Drink: How Not To Advertise an Energy Drink

In a world where consumers are waiting to be swept of their feet by a new product, brands know the impact a creative and unusual advert can have. Marketers are constantly trying to find that new advert that will mesmerize the public and skyrocket sales!

What Type of Marketer are You? Take the Quiz

Ever wonder what kind or what type of marketer you are? There are a lot of types. This quiz will reveal which is most suited to your skills and likes.

Logos Made Real: A Creative Advertising Exercise

I do believe marketing is everywhere, but not many people agree with me. With this creative advertising exercise I want to show you how everywhere it is!

10 Baffling Business Ideas that Actually Worked

Have a look at some of the craziest successful business ideas! A pet rock, a glow in the dark toilet paper... Crazy stuff that actually works!

10 Baffling Business Ideas that Actually Worked

Have a look at some of the craziest successful business ideas! A pet rock, a glow in the dark toilet paper... Crazy stuff that actually works!

Creative Giveaways Ideas for Your Event

You want to add a creative touch to your event? Take a look on this short list of giveaways that will make your event worth to remember.

100 Brilliant UK Venues for a Perfect Event

The UK has more venues for events than you can count but these are the absolute 100 best UK venues out there!

5 Invaluable Marketing Lessons From Her Majesty The Queen

Elizabeth II was crowned Queen in 1953 and ever since has managed to keep herself relevant. If we look at her career in marketing terms... How did she do it?

5 Things You Can’t Forget on the Day of Your Event

An event planner is like the captain of a ship, nobody likes to see them nervous. So in order to help you we’ve put together 5 simple things that we should never ever, ever forget on the day of an event.

How to Kickstart Your Online Clothing Brand

Find some of the most useful tips and ideas for promoting your online clothing brand!

10 Reasons to Start Your Own T-shirt Brand

To own a t-shirt brand is harder than you think, but also amazing! Find out why!

Brands Join Movember!

A new Printsome Creative Exercise! This time we imagine how brand mascots would look like if they joined the Movember thing! Do not miss it!

Vitamin Branding: Top Brands Turned Into Pills!

A new Creative Exercise brought to you by Printsome. This time,

Complete The Slogan! #QUIZ

Do you think you have what you need to be a top marketer? Test yourself with this quiz! Can you guess the missing word for these slogans?

How Gamers Can Use Personalised T-shirts

Learn some tips on how to take advantage of personalised t-shirts to promote your Youtube Channel!

Advergaming: What It Is and How Small Companies Can Use It - Printsome Blog

Ever heard of advergaming? Find out what it is and how small companies can take advantage of it!

2015 Marketing Failures: We Thought We'd Seen Everything

Sometimes ridiculous, sometimes even embarrassing. Here Printsome presents you a selection of the worst Marketing Failures in 2015.

5 T-shirt Growth Hacking Techniques to Try

Ever heard of Growth Hacking? Learn how to apply it to your t-shirt business!

Marketer's Totems: Discover your secret marketing totem!

According to ancient cultures, people have totems that represent them. Find out which one is your marketing totem!

Sensory Marketing: What Can Your Brand Learn from It?

Learn more about sensory marketing, discover some tips on how your small company can use top marketing techniques!