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Top attractions in Tianjin – tour Tianjin

The historic city of Tianjin is one of China's biggest treasures. Adorned with architectural spectacles and scenic beauty that will take your breath away, there is a world of attractions to savor here


The Hai River

Flowing along the busiest part of the Tianjin city, the Hai River combines the best of the old and new Tianjin. This soothing river has along its length towering skyscrapers that flaunt the most modern architecture as well as European buildings that were constructed in the 19th century. The Wanghailou Church and the Tianjin Railway Station are both found here and are definitely worth stopping by for all those visiting the Hai River.


Notre Dame des Victories

Not too far from the Hai River the Notre Dame des Victoires stands and is again an architectural masterpiece in Tianjin. This magnificent cathedral was constructed in the year 1869, shortly after Catholicism was introduced to Tianjin. Although the original structure was reconstructed on several occasions it still emulates the essence of the yesteryears.


Ancient Culture Street

The colorful culture of China is definitely worth exploring and there is no better place to experience this culture first hand than at the ancient culture street in Tianjin. Locally known as the Gu wenhua jie, this street offer visitors a glimpse of 19th century China complete with authentic architecture and adornments. Antiques are popularly sold here and so is Chinese food. Nirenzhang Clay Figurine Shop, Yangliuqing New Year Poster Shop and Tianyige Four Chinese Writing Tools Shop are some of the good stores found in the area.


Tianhou Temple

The Chinese in general are quite the spiritual lot. The age old Tianhou Temple (Tianhou gong) stands proof to that and still stands tall, well preserved. Constructed originally in the year 1326, even today the temple accommodates hundreds of worshippers as well as visitors. The temple commemorates the Goddess of the sea and was built to seek protection for Tianjin's oceangoing population.


Dagu Fort

Another historic monument in Tianjin, the Dagu Fort was constructed in the 16th century. It is located in the town of Tanguu and is a perfect place to learn a little about Tianjin's history especially if you are getting here with a guide.


Grand Mosque

Apart from Buddhism, Islam is also fast growing in China and several mosques found around the area stands proof to this fact. The Grand Mosque is the most majestic mosque of them all and showcases beautiful Chinese Islamic architecture. The mosque like most other attractions in Tianjin is historic in nature and was constructed in 1644 during the Qing Dynasty. The mosque has four major halls all worthy of visiting and is still an active site of worship for Tianjin's Muslim community.


Zhou Enlai - Deng Yingchao Museum

For all those staying in a Tianjin Service Apartment, take your time and explore this city and all the many wonders it has in store. If museums are your thing the Somerset Olympic Tower Tianjin recommends the Deng Yingchao Museum. This Museum is a tribute to Zhou Enlai, an outstanding founder of the Chinese Communist Party.