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Local Attractions in Pranburi – Best of Exotic Thailand

Pranburi is the ideal getaway for a subtropical holiday. Enjoy the sea, history and vibrant culture. Look forward to elephant trekking, exploring ancient temples and a game of golf for starters.


Explore Khao Sam Roi Rot National Park

Outdoorsy attractions are plentiful in beautiful Pranburi. Located in the Hua Hin province it is an oasis of greenery, blue skies, rolling surfs and gorgeous beaches. If you are a nature lover a visit to the Khao Sam Roi Rot National Park will not disappoint. One of the foremost local attractions in Pranburi the park is about 60kms from Hua Hin. Khao Sam Roi Rot meaning the 'mountain with 300 peaks' is aptly applied to the sanctuary which consists of beautiful limestone columns. Skirting along the coast for at least a 100kms the reserve is a tropical paradise home to lush marshlands, mangrove forests and swamps. Look out for the thriving wildlife such as serow, crab eating macaws, Asian goat antelopes and barking deer.


Step Back in Time at Khao Tao

Khao Tao in local dialect means mountain and must not be linked to Khao Tao Koh – which is an island. Well worth a visit the mountain is home to a vintage fishing village which has with stood modern change and still hangs on to traditional methods. Enjoy browsing the area dotted with serene looking fishermen's huts and lots of foliage. Relish the gorgeous sunset as you sit at a local café and sip a drink while savouring local delicacies such as Som Tam. The main attractions apart for the village in Khao Tao is the beautiful bay and historical Khao Tao Temple. Admire the huge golden Buddha statue that sits in the beautiful temple hidden amidst the verdant hills. Explore the nearby caves and look forward to swimming in the bay.


Visit the Tabtim shrine

The Tabtim shrine is in a gorgeous location from where you can enjoy spectacular views of the valley, river and Pranburi estuary – Pak Nam Pran. Set on a scenic hill the traditional chines shrine features intricately carved columns and beautiful coloured walls. The shrine is dedicated to the Goddess Tabtim who is the Chinese deity for good weather. Highly adulated by fisherman who believe the goddess protects them and their family. The shrine is believed to have been erected by a Chinese merchant and is a reflection of the strong Chinese influence you will see all over Pranburi.

Choosing accommodation in Pranburi is easy when you book a resort that is central to many of the local Pranburi attractions. Look for comfort and luxury and the guarantee of a signature service. Located right next to the beach in Pranburi is Sheraton Hua Hin Pranburi Villas.


Explore Tham Kaeos

Bring out the adventurer in you as you explore the caves of Tham Kaeos. Located just 23kms from Pranburi the caves are a formation of stalactites and stalagmites. Although recently discovered the caves are considered to be amongst the most beautiful in Thailand. Rent oil lamps from the village nearby and enjoy the mesmerizing effects as you meander your way through the narrow passages of the caves.


Shopping at the Market

The Pranburi Old Market located on Walking Street is a great browse. Pick up authentic souvenirs and local artefacts. Remember to haggle and bargain for the best price.