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List of famous restaurants in London - Top Dining Hubs in Culinary Hotspot London

Revered as a truly global food lover's hub, the British capital is home to its fare share of award-winning eateries. From Michelin starred diners to crowd pleasers here are the city's top restaurants.


The Manor

Located down the same road as The Dairy restaurant close to Clapham Common The Manor is one of London's new favourite restaurants for discerning diners. Managed by the same outfit, The Manor dishes out meals worthy of a lord in its luxurious setting. With seasonally available ingredients cultivated on the rooftop garden of The Dairy as its supplier the fresh and creative menu items of The Manor are nothing short of inventive with their unique appearance, unusual texture and unbelievable impact on the palette. Must-try items on the menu includes its sourdough bread which is served with a warm sack of grains at the base to keep the bread deliciously soft and tender and butter, whipped to perfection.


Ember Yard

The brainchild of the now famous Salt Yard Group which manages some of London's finest eateries including the Dehesa, Opera Tavern and the Salt Yard, Ember Yard just maybe the group's best addition to the London food scene yet. Combining Spanish and Italian cuisine in a creative manner while staying true to traditional fare the restaurant specializes in charring and smoking techniques that have rendered a unique flavour to the dishes. Complimented by an extensive collection of fine wines hailing from Italy and Spain cocktails at Ember Yard are nothing to scoff at either. The Bloody Mary with its smoky undertones is a must try while the atmosphere of the diner adds to its popularity as a tapas hub.



Earning the award for the country's top eatery at the National Restaurant Awards the Gymkhana is no ordinary curry hub in the heart of Mayfair. As a Michelin starred establishment the venue is the brainchild of Jyotin and Karam Sethi who manage the equally successful Trishna in Marylebone. Touted to offer diners the culinary wonders typical of Days of the Raj sports hubs in during India's colonial period the venue is a must-visit highlight that is not just reserved for curry fanatics touring London. Known for its delicate use of spices Gymkhana is equally well-known for its great service, fantastic cocktails and affordability given its exclusive Mayfair zip code and Michelin star status.


The Palomar

Located in the bustling confines of Soho, The Palomar has arguably become the toast of London's fine dining scene since its inception. Regarded as the top restaurant in all of London by some food critics the venue is the sister restaurant of Machneyuda, a Jerusalem eatery that is known far and wide as a stellar fine dining hub in the country. With a menu that displays strong and robust flavours inspired by Spanish, Israeli and North African cuisine the dishes on offer at The Palamore also boast tangy overtones and herbs typical of Italian and Levant dishes. With an open kitchen as its focal point diners will be surprised at the affordability of its price points given the wealth of cuisines of on offer. Reservations are a must at this popular eatery where the Jerusalem inspired Polenta is one of its hero dishes. Visitors based at the Halkin by COMO London or any other well situated luxury hotel central London count among its finest rests will enjoy easy access to the hotspot.


The Truscott Arms

Tipped to be one of London's truly British dining superstars The Truscott Arms functions under the magical hands of Chef Aidan McGee who prepared mouth-watering traditional British fare with a twist. Known for its generous portions the restaurant's roast dinners are ranked among the city's best dining options for Sundays. Served on wooden platters the eatery employs premium local ingredients grown in Britain to prepare succulent favourites.