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Updated by Lucie Aurore on Mar 30, 2015
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5 Basic Things to Know in Photography – An Amateur Shutterbugs Guide to Great Shots

Photographs are timeless souvenirs of our life encounters. Improving photography skills is ideal to ensure you have a mind blowing collection of any event you cover. Read on and improve your skills.


Get Up Close and Personal

Bridge the gap when possible between yourself and the object. Moving closer ensures a dramatic shot and clearer picture. You don't always have to rely on fancy and expensive zooming equipment, simply walk up to the subject and fill the frame with what you are capturing. Distant or objects in the sky – zoom in. No matter the zooming range of your camera use this facility for drama and clarity. The end result promises to be quite dramatic and impressive. This is why getting up close and personal is one of the main basics in taking fabulous shots.


Ensure You Have the Best Lighting

Once the close-up distance is correct; concentrate on the lighting. It is important that the subject of photography is well lit. For example if it is an outdoor shot make sure the sunlight hits the subject. Circle around or change the angle of the camera to capture the best lighting. If you look carefully you will find just the right angle where the light bouncing off the subject creates a magical illusion around the object.


Time and Patience Captures the Best Shots

Wait for the correct moment before you start clicking. Do not be impatient but take your time and study your subject, wait for the right movement and perfect lighting to hit the subject. Take more than one shot, try different angles, review the shots you have already taken and look for the perfect pairing of settings. And do it over again – that's the magic of digital photography. Do convince your subjects of the importance of this and ask them to be patient.


Look to the Professionals

Browse as many shots of great photographers as possible. Fill your head with creative ideas and ingenious angles you will come across in various shots. Use these in conjunction with your own creative genius for stunning photos and a proud portfolio.

Well that's about it, follow the above rules and start clicking, and you will soon start turning out amazing snap shots.


Compose and Balance Your Picture Like a Pro

Identifying 'positive' and 'negative' places in the photo is known as composing a shot. Composing allows the eye to enter, absorb and exit the picture. By composing you decide which points of your picture do this. The ideal method of understanding compose and balance is to divide your shot into 3 grids from both top and bottom; ending up with 9 boxes within the frame. The bottom left corner is usually the basic spot where the eye enters the picture.

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