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Benefits of a Hotel Loyalty Reward Program - Hotel Loyalty Rewards Benefits for Galaxy Privilege Club Members

Offering a wealth of benefits and advantages Galaxy Privilege Club is a one of a kind rewards program in the world. From promos to fantastic deals the benefits of the loyalty program are as follows.


Dining Discounts

Many five star hotels are home to more than a handful of fine dining establishments and if the hotel is part of a larger hotel chain the restaurants one can redeem one's loyalty privileges also increases. Galaxy Privilege Club Gold card holders for example can enjoy 10% off when dining at Galaxy Macau's restaurants which include Terrazza, The Spaghetti House, Tsui Wah, Gosto, Jin Yue Xuan and The Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge. The Hong Kong Gold Medal Seafood Hot Pot, Myung Ga, Lugang Cafe and Festiva are other eateries at Galaxy Macau which also houses a McDonald's outlet and three other eateries. Pavilion Platinum and Platinum card holders can enjoy up to 15% off when dining at these establishments while Pavilion Black card holders get 20% off at these establishments.


Retail Offers

Designer boutiques and stores are also part of major hotels and holidaymakers vacationing in an establishment can also count on discounts when shopping at these venues if they are part of a loyalty program. In-hotel stores will offer special sales and promotions to loyalty card holders and also inform visitors when new stocks or specialty items hit the shelves of the particular stores.


Discounts on Hotel Reservations

Frequent travellers can also redeem the value of the loyalty reward programs they have signed up with when making reservations for short or long stay trips overseas. Hotel chains in particular offer across the board discounts when one opts to stay in a partner hotel thanks to membership privileges. Special promotions and seasonal discounts in room rates are also offered to loyalty rewards program members first.


Discounts on Leisure Amenities

Spas, salons and other leisure facilities are also part and parcel of a recognized hotel and loyalty card holders can also cash in on their membership when enjoying a day at the spa or a makeover at the hotel salon.


Priority Member Services

This could include anything from hotel service to food and beverage services and room service as various hotels follow different policies when it comes to rewards program holders and the special treatment the holidaymakers enjoy thanks to their membership.


Free Upgrades

Loyalty program members are also granted free upgrades when it comes to guestrooms and other premium services and facilities available at the hotel. These benefits however are subject to availability.


Late Check-Outs

Hotel check-out times are a hassle most travellers must endure as it is one of the least flexible components of hotel policy that is. Royalty card holders however have the option of late checkouts at no extra cost in hotel chains.


Event Promos

From seasonal events such as cooking demonstrations and food festivals to musical concerts, hotel chains and resorts across the world are prime venues for entertainment and cultural events of every nature. Members of hotel clubs will be given top priority when securing tickets or access to these events while discounted rates and price points are also usually part of the deal.


Casino Access

When staying in one of the globe's finest casino resorts such as Galaxy Macau, a membership in the Galaxy Privilege Club means members are allowed free access to the Sky Casino and other amenities in the resort with restricted access for non-card holders.