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Live Catch Mouse Traps - Humane, No Poison, No Kill

When you realise that you have the patter of these tiny feet in your home, you need to act really fast. Mice breed at an alarming rate and before you say "cheese" you could already be infested. But to kill or not to kill? Some swear by the plastic jaw type mouse traps, others by poison, but why not try the humane, live catch mouse traps first?


Humane mouse trap in slow motion

Thanks for watching our test of the Smart Mouse Trap! BTW, these can make a hilarious gift for that relative you're never sure what to get! Live Catch Mouse Trap.

Catching 2 Mice in a Plastic Bottle

Will this humane bottle-mod trap work to catch two mice at the same time? Watch our test to find out! live catch mouse trap live catch mouse trap. Catch the little critters humanely with these top live catch mouse traps.

Multiple Catch Metal Mouse Trap (2 Pack)

Read reviews here ===>>>

TIP: Bait this with a cracker spread with a little peanut butter or salmon pate.

Mice seem to like stinky bait!

Live Catch Mouse Traps

Live catch mouse traps are the humane way to trap mice in your home and garage/shed. They are also my preferred way to catch the little critters as poison is never a good idea if you have pets or children around and the dead bodies can decompose in unreachable areas, creating an unhygienic environment and a nasty smell.

Live Catch Mouse Traps

Live catch mouse traps are a humane way to catch and release the little pests from your home. Rather than using brutal methods such as poison or snap traps, these inventive and curious gadgets work...

Live Catch Mouse Traps - Humane Catch and Release Trap Reviews on Flipboard

Live catch mouse traps are ideal for families with young children and pet owners as you will not need to use any poison or fierce snap traps. You can catch many mice in a night with the multiple live catch mouse traps!

Mice Device Reusable Humane Live Multi-Catch Mouse Trap - Green

The Mice Device's see through plastic design makes it easy to detect trapped mice from a distance. The Mice Device's narrow profile snugly fits along walls, behind refrigerators or in pantry's, under baseboard of cabinets, in the garage or basement - anywhere where mice are traveling.

Peppermint Oil - 100% Pure & Natural - Undiluted Essential Oil, Love It or Refund! 4oz Bottle with Dropper, Repel Mic...

DO NOT BUY PEPPERMINT OIL WITHOUT READING THIS FIRST --> Peppermint oil isn't created equally! Be wary of imitators.
Ours is 100% pure & undiluted (not watered down), so it WORKS.
Read our feedback if you aren't sure.

Soak cotton balls with this and scatter them around under cupboards etc. Amazingly effective and smells like Christmas all year round!

Live Catch Mouse Traps

Live catch mouse traps are a must have when you first start noticing mouse droppings. Some people swear by poison, others by the snap traps, but as the newer designs of live catch mouse traps are so effective, you will not need to dispose of dead mice ever again.

Live Catch Mouse Traps - Humane and Poison Free via @Flashissue

When you first realise you have a mouse problem you need to work quickly as they breed amazingly fast! But it's easy to catch them and release them into the wild (just make sure you drive a LONG way away as they tend to find their way back if you just take them into your backyard.

Live Catch Mouse Traps - Humane and Effective

Live catch mouse traps are the humane way to deal with any mouse or small vermin trouble. No kill, no poison and child and pet friendly

Live Catch Humane Mouse Traps

Live Catch Humane Mouse Traps are the kindest way to deal with any mouse infestation. No kill, poison or glue sheets necessary and they are pet and child friendly

Live Catch Mouse Traps - livecatchmousetrap

Live catch mouse traps are far preferable to use when you have a mouse infestation. There are more reasons that hold up my argument for these contraptions than because house mice look cute it's cruel to kill them (killing a handful of mice will hardly dent the mouse population).

Live Catch Humane Mouse Traps - Reviews

Live catch mouse traps are humane and perfect if you have children and pets and feel uneasy about the prospect of using poison and snap traps to combat your furry foes. These modern designs are very effective and the multiple mouse traps can catch entire families in one night!

Live Catch Mouse Trap Reviews

Here's my pick of the best humane live catch mouse traps. Just make sure you set them free a LONG way away from your home...

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