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Updated by Sophie Bright on Feb 18, 2017
Headline for Debt Relief Solutions in Australia
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Debt Relief Solutions in Australia

Are you struggling with debt in Australia? Here is a list of Debt Relief Solutions available to you.

Budgeting Planning Services | Debt Rescue

The budgeting process starts when you talk to one of our Case Managers, who will get to know you and find out some specifics about your financial situation. From here, they will make recommendations about what you can do to improve your budget and other aspects of your finances.

Debt Refinancing & Consolidation Loans | Debt Rescue

As we travel through life, we tend to accumulate certain debts, and debt refinancing and consolidation may be helpful. Credit card debt, car loans, mortgage repayments and personal loans can build up to create a pile of debt you can't seem to get on top of.

Keep your credit rating with and Informal Debt Agreement - Debt Rescue

A Debtstroyer Agreement is essentially an informal debt agreement which may reduce your minimum repayment amount, freeze your interest and give you more time to pay off your loans in one easy regular repayment - all without having a negative lasting impact on your credit rating.

Debt Agreements Australia | Debt Rescue

Simply put, Debt Agreements are formal arrangements between you and your creditors that are governed by Federal legislation. Debt Agreements will allow you to repay a percentage of each dollar you owe to your creditors while any further interest is frozen.

Bankruptcy Advice & Assistance | Debt Rescue

Bankruptcy is considered the last resort for many who are in debt but for some, it may be the only way out. However, at Debt Rescue, we consider all other alternatives to avoid bankruptcy before suggesting this course of action. However, if your debts are unmanageable and other strategies don't fit your financial capacity, bankruptcy may be your only option.

Debt Agreement by Debt Rescue - Helping Australians out of Debt James and Sally are a young family with one child. Unfortunately they have over $24000 of Debt which is becoming unmanageable. Share in there story as they work with Debt Rescue to develop a Debt Agreement to help them out of Debt. What is a Debt Agreement?

Debtstroyer Agreement - A Permanent Solution to Unmanageable Debt Meet Victor. Victor is an elderly Australian with mounting unmanageable debts hanging over his head. Share in Victor's story as he works with Debtstroyer to develop a permanent solution to his debt problems. A Debtstroyer Agreement can be your secret weapon against bad debt.

Debtstroyer Agreement - A Permanent Solution and the alternative to Debt Agreements This is Stacey. This is the story of how Debtstroyer helped her out of debt. Unfortunately Stacey had accumulated various unsecured debt of $102,000, which are all in arrears and have been for some time. She needed help and Debtstroyer was the answer. Are you experiencing difficulty meeting minimum repayments on unsecured loans?

Debt Consolidation with Positive Solutions Finance - Getting Finance with Bad Credit This is the story of Jarred. Jarred has accumulated various unsecured debts totaling over $8000 and needs to find a solution to help him consolidate these debts into one repayment. Jarred contacted Positive Solutions Finance for help, this is what happened.