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Headline for CI 505 Problem Solving Project – HeForShe
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CI 505 Problem Solving Project – HeForShe

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Now it's time to unify our efforts. HeForShe is a solidarity movement for gender equality that brings together one half of humanity in support of the other half of humanity, for the benefit of all.

HeForShe Conversation with Emma Watson on International Women's Day 2015 [Full Q&A] - Official

Watch the entire HeForShe Conversation with Emma Watson, UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador. In honor of International Women's Day on 8 March, 2015, she answered audience questions about HeForShe and gender equality for a live streamed event from London. Become a HeForShe now at

Press release: Galvanizing global attention, world leaders, celebrities and activists unveil Planet 50-50 by 2030: St...

International Womens Day As Beijing Platform for Action turns 20, bold actions urged for swifter, lasting progress Date : 10 March 2015 Media Contacts: Oisika Chakrabarti, Ph: +1 646 781-4522; Email: Sharon Grobeisen, Ph: +1 646 781-4753; Email: sharon.grobeisen[at] oisika.chakrabarti[at] (10 March, New York)- At a star-studded event today in New York City, high-powered speakers took the stage to put out a clarion call: a firm expiry date of 2030 for gender inequality, with real equality being nothing short of 50-50.

He for Who? 3 reasons I can't get behind #HeforShe

I love feminism. I love guys loving feminism. I love UN Women. Most importantly, I love Emma Watson. You'd think all of these things would make #HeforShe an initiative I'd relish but I just can't get behind it. And I have struggled to, right from the beginning.

How Men Can Get Involved in HeForShe, with Michael Fenlon | Big Think

PwC Global Talent Manager Michael Fenlon recently visited Big Think to discuss his company's Aspire to Lead initiative, as well as to encourage men to pledge their support for gender equality. He explains how in the video below: Aspire to Lead is PwC's leadership series for women students.

'If we don't actively and intentionally include women, the system will exclude them'

Around ten minutes before the closing remarks at last week's Women's Empowerment Principles annual event, my laptop decided that it was done for the day, and switched itself off. Up until that point, I had spent most of the conference madly typing, trying to record as much as I possibly could in the live blog, while simultaneously trying to think ahead to what was up next.

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A Marine vet teaches his 5-yr old son about how boys and girls are equal. Tim Brooks is one of 10 UN Women HeForShe Impact stories, a hero in so many...

Gender equality movement 'HeForShe' gains momentum on campus

Emma Watson moved thousands of people with her speech about gender equality in September. Since that speech at United Nations (U.N.) headquarters in which she announced her HeForShe campaign's creation, it has grown in popularity on college campuses.

Famous men supporting #HeForShe

This September, Emma Watson invited men all over the world to join her in the pledge for Gender Equality. Here's a list of famous men who have. Visit the website ( and join them in making the world a better place.

Male Science-Fiction Authors Discuss The Women Writers Who Influenced Them | GOOD

"The most important political problem in the modern world is the position of women. I think all of the other oppressions, whether it be homophobia, whether it be racism, or what have you, are all modeled on the oppression of women." That's acclaimed author Samuel R.

"HeForShe" Campaign Moves to the Next Stage

Civil Society, Education, Featured, Gender, Gender Identity, Gender Violence, Global, IPS UN: Inside the Glasshouse, Population, TerraViva United Nations, Women & Climate Change, Women & Economy, Women in Politics, Women's Health - It launched in a blaze of social media glory with a viral speech that rocketed around the world, and five months on from the launch of U.N.

Sweden's HeForShe Photo Booth

The Bosco is a New York and Los Angeles based company that rents state of the art photo booths and video confessionals. We're inspired by early automatic self-portraits, and intrigued by combining emerging technology with art. The photo booth has come a long way since 1889, but there is still room for exploration and innovation.

HeForShe on Twitter

This video from #HeForShe supporter Veaceslav C. is amazing:

8 Things I'd Tell My Younger Self As a Non-Binary Person

What would you tell your younger self? For this author, there's a lot that he wishes he'd known as a young genderqueer and non-binary person. So here are his words to his younger self, shared with you as a reminder of how important you are.

Male Science-Fiction Authors Discuss The Women Writers Who Influenced Them

"The most important political problem in the modern world is the position of women. I think all of the other oppressions, whether it be homophobia, whether it be racism, or what have you, are all modeled on the oppression of women." That's acclaimed author Samuel R.

HeForShe | Facebook

How can you advance gender equality in your daily life? Here are some ideas. Have any more to add? Tell us.

For Gender Equality, You Can't Beat Capitalism

International Women's Day, commemorated annually on March 8, has become a celebration of women's achievements in politics, business and the arts. This year, events are scheduled in at least 86 countries, with nearly 180 in the United States alone.

What is the millennium development goal on gender equality all about? | Liz Ford

Launched as one of the eight millennium development goals, MDG3 calls for the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women. It has one target: the elimination of gender disparity in primary, secondary and tertiary education by 2015 (an interim deadline of 2005 for primary and secondary schooling was missed).

UN News - INTERVIEW: Gender equality remains 'humanity's biggest project,' declares UN official

16 March 2015 - Twenty years ago in Beijing, countries signed on to a comprehensive global blueprint for gender equality and women's empowerment, and achieving that goal remains "humanity's biggest project," according to senior United Nations official Lakshmi Puri.

School Gender Equality Game Causes Outrage in Italy

A new programme for schoolchildren designed to address gender inequality in Italy has been met with strong opposition from politicians within Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia party and the right-wing Northern League. Game of Respect is intended to challenge the perception of gender through play among young children aged three to six.

Gender equality: What's in it for men?

Accepting equality and rejecting gender stereotypes would help end discrimination against men seeking jobs typically done by women, increase their participation in family life, and ease the economic burden of supporting their families as more women enter the workforce, they said.