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Email List Hygiene

Tips for email list hygiene

Email list hygiene has many different names and is offered in countless other formats. It's been called "Spam Trap Removal Service" or "Spam Trap Cleaning Service" to "Data Cleansing" or even "Email Cleansing" and it can be very confusing when making the right decision for your company as to what service provider to use.

3 Reasons to Practice Good Email List Hygiene

Email marketing changes dramatically every few months. Unless you are involved in online group discussions or the latest trends, you are going to miss out on the new deliverability breakthroughs. Because of the latest changes in email marketing, email list hygiene has become a must for all email marketers.

If you are spamming, then you are not going to ever achieve good sender reputation. If you are sending unsolicited bulk email to lists that are unfamiliar with what you are advertising, then you are putting your company and your name at risk. Let's be honest with each other.

According to Wikipedia, "A spam trap is a honeypot used to collect spam. Spamtraps are usually e-mail addresses that are created not for communication, but rather to lure spam.

Let’s say you cannot afford a list hygiene company and want to remove traps from your email database by yourself. Without exposing you our full secrets, I will divulge a few key components to removing traps.

Email marketing is tough and if you’re not validating your lists, you can find yourself in a heap of trouble. Just because an email gets delivered, doesn’t mean it’s a valid email address. You could be sending an email to a serious pitfall that could dramatically reduce your sending score or put you on a blacklist or worse, get you shut down. There are many validators to look for when cleaning your lists. Here are a few that we think are important when it comes to email list validation.

Email List Verification Process Explained

My last article was all about email list validation . Is there a difference between email validation and email verification? Yes there is. Email validation fixes format issues and syntax errors while email verification reports if an email is valid (does the mailbox exist) and if not, lists the reason for the return path.

6 Types of Email Spam Traps, You should Avoid

Email spam traps or "email pitfalls" have metamorphosed a great deal since the 1990's. In order to avoid these dangers, it's important to understand the history of spam and its fighters. Take a look at video based on the history of email list hygiene.

Learn An Email List Hygiene Trick by James Carner

I wrote two articles about email validation and email verification and how both processes will help achieve better deliverability, but after you scrub both ways, you may not be getting rid of all of the seeds and/or traps. The one thing that almost all email marketers forget to do is to eyeball down their list and look for peculiar emails or anomalies.

Is Postini (filtering e-mail spam) active anymore?

Postini was purchased by Google back in 2007, but does the entity still use their own domain “” to set traps for their blackhole? According to Wikipedia, “Postini was an e-mail, web security, and archiving service owned by Google since 2007. It provided cloud computing services for filtering e-mail spam and malware (before it was delivered to a client’s mail server), offered optional e-mail archiving, and protected client networks from web-borne malware.”

How email list cleaning services can increase delivery rates

To understand delivery rates and how email list cleaning services can help make a bigger difference in delivery, you first need to know what category of email marketing hat you fall into.

Daily, we receive prospects with opt-in lists that are looking to get rid of bounces. Verification will do that easily, however, there are many things to consider before giving up on validation.

You need to be ready to spend thousands on mailing in order to bypass the red flags. Spam fighters are angry at many ISP’s that allow spam through their networks and are diligently changing the way the delivery methods work in order to control the flow and remove unwanted spam. You need to clean your lists monthly. You need list Hygiene Services that you can trust.

As seen on Performance Marketing Insider

The email list hygiene industry has metamorphosed into two categories. Email validation and email verification. I have written several articles about the two separately on my blog, but I think it’s important to explain both processes in one article so you can choose which is right for you if you are an email marketer.

The Advantage of Instant and Accurate Email Verification and List Cleansing Services

The size of your list will determine how successful you are in email marketing. The smaller the list, the more you will get delivery. The larger the list, the more you will be blocked or filtered. Successful email marketers use more than one ESP and never mail any more than 100,000.

Email List Management Software features

It’s hard to find email list management software or spam trap removal shareware that can match and remove suppressions you have been storing, especially for MAC. Here are some software programs that can save you time with some really cool features they provide for Windows and Mac:

Get back into email marketing

A few years ago, many email marketers left the commerce to explore social media avenues. Some made money, but most did not. Lately, we have been seeing a trend in old clients coming back to start email marketing again. Unfortunately, most of them are running into major issues because email marketing has once again changed. So how does one get back into email marketing?

The Best Email List Verification Method

Although it’s frowned upon by spam fighters, email list verification is still a viable tool to help email marketers with old lists. There are several ways to do email verification, so which method is the best?

Verify Email Address – The Importance of Cleaning Your Email List

Finding an email list cleaning services is absolutely tough. The selection and prices are all over the place and depending on what you need, you may end up either overpaying or underpaying for a service that just doesn’t cut the mustard.

There are several domain and IP services where you can check to see if you are listed on any blackhole servers (blacklists). Spam fighters setup their servers to monitor incoming spam to use for filtering purposes and if your list has any email spam traps inside it, you will most definitely be listed. But how do you control IP blacklisting for your email servers?

Has Email Marketing Died? As seen on PMI

Far from it people! In fact, it’s making a huge comeback and here’s why. Social media marketing kicked into high gear back in 2008 as marketers scrambled to invest and learn social media as a hopeful replacement to the ever so hard email-marketing field.

Is Buying An Email List A Good Idea?

Finding an email list is so easy these days. There are hundreds of companies that offer categories and/or regions where they have targeted selected data for you at a handsome price. Small businesses with no marketing budget usually can take this road first in which they find out later is very risky and can cause serious harm. Here are some reasons why buying an email list may or may not be a good idea.


EHygienics | Certified Email List Verification Company

If you are looking for Email list verification services then you have come to right place, we provide email list validation services which is delicate and expensive procedure if done right. At eHygienics, you definitely get what you pay for.

Important steps to preventing email deliverability issues

Since Google banned payday loan advertising, we have seen a rise in the size of databases we clean and have been approached by many payday loan companies for advice in email deliverability. Many have been out of the email marketing game and have to re-learn everything they knew 5 years ago. This article may help.


Tips to Spring Clean Your Email List

Tips to Spring Clean Your Email List

Spring is here and summer is around the corner. Your list is more important than ever because many will be on vacation this summer and email marketing will be traded for social media, which is just as dead during summer. This is the time to do validation and email list verification. Validate your emails from threats and verify them from bounces.

For more information visit: Tips to Spring Clean Your Email List