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Trending eCig Review Websites

This is a list of electronic cigarette review sites that are currently trending in the search engines for popular terms related to the ecig industry.

Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews

Can't seem to settle on which is the best ecig for you? Tired of researching electronic cigarette reviews that give you little to no real information outside of what the ecig companies are already telling you? We understand! Enter ECCR - The world's top rated electronic cigarette brands, independently tested and reviewed by our editors and consumers such as yourself. ECCR also provides daily ecig news so if you're interested in the latest ecigarette news, they're a source for that too.

ECF - Massive eCig Forum with Reviews

Text and video reviews of E-Cigarette hardware. This is a forum that has hundreds of ecig reviews.

Info Electronic Cigarette - eCig Reviews

Here you will find information about ecigs, e-cigars, and e-liquids. This site explains the differences between the major e-cig styles and manufactures, as well as helpful reviews and recommendations, all without the pushy ads and popups.

Quit Smoking Community

Quit Smoking Community is a website that helps smokers quit. By combining unique guides with a supportive community, anything is possible.


We will teach you all about the electronic cigarettes you can buy and also show you all the best brands currently available on the market.