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Most popular The Psych Files Episodes in 2014

Living in an Asylum | The Psych Files

Ever wondered what it was like to be a patient in an "insane asylum"? "Asylums" changed names over the years (including "State Hospital" and "Psychiatric Center") and so did the treatment of the mentally ill. Hear from Dr. Jennifer Bazar how we went from chaining people up to hydrotherapy to sexual surgery and finally to what is called " moral treatment ".

What Makes Some Songs Popular? | The Psych Files

What makes some songs so popular? Guess what - psychologists actually know a lot of the answers. In this episode we'll listen to excerpts from Leonard Cohen's song Hallelujah, as well as Noisestorm's Ignite, Adele's Someone Like You, the Enterprise Theme from Star Trek, and even two pieces of music from the motion picture Koyaanisqatsi.

How Journalists and Advertisers Motivate You to Click | The Psych Files

How do we motivate you to click online? Well, we don't necessarily have to pay you to get you to do things ( extrinsic motivation) because you're already a curious person.

Did B.F.Skinner Raise His Children in a Skinner Box?

You may have heard this rumor about B.F. Skinner raising his children in one of his (presumably oversized) "Skinner boxes". Is there any truth to this? Related rumors: that Skinner's daughter became mentally ill as a result of being raised in this box and that she sued her father when she became an adult.

Your Adolescence is Giving Me a Mid-Life Crisis! | The Psych Files

We all know that adolescence is a time of change and often a tough time for the teen. But what about the parent? Today's parents are often older than years ago, and today's parents are sometimes going through their own self-examination, their own doubts, their own exploration.

Why Mental Health Professionals are often on the Political Left | The Psych Files

Surveys find that psychologists tend to align themselves with a liberal political orientation. Why is that? Are liberal-minded people drawn to human service professions or is there something about working in human services that causes people to become more liberal in their political views?

How To Remember Jokes | The Psych Files

Mnemonic image for remembering 4 jokes: dead cat, flipping coins, toast and ice cream, twins. How many times have you wanted to remember a joke at a party but you just can't? Well, there IS a way to remember jokes and I have got 4 jokes for you along with a mnemonic to help you remember all 4 of them.

Ep 224 (Video): If Freud Worked Tech Support

A humorous way to learn about the Freudian defense mechanisms (actually elaborated by Anna Freud) of Displacement, Denial, Sublimation, Reaction Formation, and Projection. A little dream analysis thrown in. Who knows? Maybe Freud would have been good at tech support...(technically, this is a video version of episode 209).

Let's Be Honest: Is Your Dog Really Intelligent? | The Psych Files

It's easy to find videos on the web of animals showing what appears to be some pretty smart behavior. But is it really "smarts"? How can you tell? In this episode I'll point out examples that look like intelligence but probably aren't - as well as an example of animal behavior that is really hard to dismiss as anything but "smarts".

Pollyanna's Revenge | The Psych Files

Do "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation" or are we actually pretty happy most of the time? As it turns out humans are far more resilient than you think. Ever heard of the term " affective forecasting"? It's something we do every day and very often we make mistakes doing it.