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Top Mobile App Development Tips

Here you find tips & tricks on developing mobile apps. Tips will be for both beginners and advanced users.

Develop your very first iOS iPhone App | Apple Apps

Do you have a sound vision to own an Apple iPhone app? If you are an individual or run a company, we help you construct your dreams and build iOS apps with passion.

Build your own web or mobile apps with cloud based tool

We help build excellent web & mobile apps using best cloud based tools to keep you ahead in your business growth and technology competition.

Basic Information on Smartphone & Mobile Apps Development

Keyideas is a mobile apps development company that takes all your burden and stress to bring your business on mobile. You just need to think about smartphone apps and we deliver it for you.

Mobile Applications for Restaurant Business & Food Ordering

People now can share favorite restaurants, cuisines, reviews instantly with the use of mobile applications and helps restaurant & online food ordering business to upsell their services and brand.

The 7 Most Downloaded Android Apps globally in 2014

Among scores of other reasons, Android's Play Store with its rich collection of apps is largely responsible for its wide scale popularity. Down here, let's have a look at top 7 apps in different genres those received record breaking downloads globally in 2014.

10 Most Effective Ways To Market Your iPhone Apps

For those developers who are looking to leverage the opportunities offered by iPhone app market, following are 10 most effective methods to promote their apps.

5 Development Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Mobile App

In 2014, people downloaded more than 102 billion mobile apps globally. It aptly sums up the level of excitement regarding mobile apps. Consequently, businesses are conceiving fresh and innovative ideas based on this aspect of mobile technology. Like all technological advancements, choosing the right path is extremely essential before being involved in the actual process of development.

Effective Mobile Content Strategy to Help your Content go Anywhere

It is no secret that mobile phones are quickly becoming the number one marketing platform available. Almost every human being with a phone in their pocket will use it to search for content at some point during the day. If you are a tech-savvy business owner, you are probably already using content marketing to attract new customers.

The 7 Best Ingredients of a Perfect Android Mobile App

With the mobile space becoming more crowded on a daily basis, slight design issues causing unreliable usability and unnatural navigation can be a big problem. The good news is you can transform a decent mobile app into a sustainable revenue generator by honing in on the seven ingredients described in the article.

Apple Could Be Back to Glory Days With Bulletproof iOS 9

A new Apple software version, iOS 9, is reportedly "bulletproof" as all the previous update flaws are claimed to have been resolved. Since the release of iOS 7, Apple has been losing face with its customers because of ongoing problems with the software.

Best IT solutions for your Enterprise application

Keyideas is a fast growing software development company providing application development services in PHP, ASP.NET, WordPress, iOS, Android, Joomla, Cloud, Azure, Windows Forms as well as web-design, e-commerce solutions, search engine marketing services to all major countries across the world.

10 Things to Consider When Developing Your Mobile Web Design Strategy

When designing a mobile website, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. Here are ten things you should consider when you are developing your mobile web design strategy: Know Your Audience Different audiences may have different tastes and needs when accessing your mobile site.

Tips for Android Developers to Get App Success on Google Play

In a fast-growing technological world, many start-up Android developers are wondering how they can tap into the goldmine of app customers on Google Play. What these developers don't know are the three key factors to getting success on Google Play: quality, publicity, and monetization.

Is the World Shrinking? More Apps for Mobile than Web

It was once thought among mobile app development professionals that mobile web apps would become more popular than native mobile apps. This has not turned out to be the case. The analytics company Flurry crunched the data on mobile usage and found that, not only is the overall time spent on devices up an average of 2 hours and 42 minutes per day, but people are using that time differently.

Useful Android App Development Tips & Tricks - Keyideas Infotech

Whether or not you are new to Android and the use of Android apps, you may not know the ins and outs of the Android system as well as you could. Shreyes Kejariwal, CEO of Keyideas, says, "There are always things you don't realize about the system you are using.

Mobile App Development and Marketing Mistakes

Marketing a mobile app requires strategies that are different than traditional method of marketing an app. However, some of the common mistakes an app marketer make is to rely on traditional advertising agencies or marketing firms that may not have specialized skills and expertise in the relevant field that are unique to mobile app marketing.Here is how to avoid common app development and marketing mistakes.

15 iOS 8 Tips Every Apple Fan Should Know

The rollout of Apple's iOS 8 has had its ups and downs, but we all know that mobile app development does not come without its share of problems and that includes both iOS apps and new generations of the operating system.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Build Your First Mobile App - Keyideas Infotech

Mobile app development is an appealing industry to get into and anyone can do it, if they have the time, the programming knowledge, and the ideas. Many people want to create an app because they have an ingenious idea for an app that will solve a problem.

iOS 8 vs Android L: Will this finally settle the debate?

With many claiming iOS 8 has a lot 'more' new than Android L, it's still quite early to decide which will take lead this time. An overview of key features though, would provide fans of both camps with a little to debate on the hottest new abilities of each.

5 Amazing hidden accessibility settings for Android users

One of the record-selling reasons of android devices is there high level of ease and usability. Android, as an OS is relatively more open and fun to use than other operating systems in the market. It also offers a number of amazing accessibility features for hearing or vision impaired people.

Build your own web or mobile apps with cloud based tool

We help build excellent web & mobile apps using best cloud based tools to keep you ahead in your business growth and technology competition.

Pieces of Bad Advice You Should Ignore for Your Mobile App to Succeed

Mobile app development advice is plentiful. However, not all of that advice is good. In fact, much of it is bad. According to Shreyes Kejariwal, the following 10 pieces of advice should be ignored if you want your business app to succeed.

Instant Apps may be a Game Changer for the App Market

Android instant apps are native apps that behave like a website. The most important point of an instant apps is to erase the line between a website and a mobile application. For more information, visit Keyideas Blog page.

Mobile App Development Services in New York

The key mobile app development areas are iPhone app development, iPad app development, Android app development, Windows phone app development, Cross platform app development and Swift app development.

The company provides application development services for different platforms, rendering high-end applications for all domains. With a well-planned operational and development process, Keyideas Infotech has grown exponentially and has become a foundation partner for many seeking to harness the best-of-breed web and mobile technology in their enterprise. The company practices a friendly, open and collaborative way of working with clients. The company also has a proven track record of successfully delivering mobile applications. The company provides an end-to-end mobile app development starting from creating a mobile strategy to app design, development, and deployment. The app development team tests the developed apps thoroughly from the start and ensures a satisfactory solution, delivered within stipulated time.

How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Platform

The popularity of mobile enterprise apps and consumer-based mobile apps has grown tremendously in the last decade. Since app development could be a lucrative business, new app developers are hoping to develop the next big thing are always on the horizon. In such a scenario while selecting a mobile application development platform, the app developer should evaluate the type of application they want to build, the mobile environments they want to target and how much customization they need. Choosing the best mobile application development platform is no small task. It is important as the product must address an organization’s needs and allow app developers to build applications that satisfy their users. Read further to find out the guidelines that would help you choose the best mobile application development platform.

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