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Updated by Jessica E. Claudio, DVM on Mar 20, 2015
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6 Helpful Hints When Moving with Pets

Here are 6 things to remember when moving with pets.


Plan ahead

Is the place you are moving to going to be your permanent home, or a temporary one until you locate a new house? If you are moving to an apartment while you house search you will want to consider requesting a first floor apartment for ease of taking your dog (especially an elderly dog who may have trouble with steps) out. Also, ask if they have a designated dog exercise area or are within walking distance to a dog friendly park.


Fido's favorite toys

Fido's favorite toys

If you are moving some of your belongings and storing the rest until you find a new home be sure to pack Fido’s favorite rug, blanket, kennel, or pillow and a couple of his toys. The temporary home may not have a lot of room, but remember that your fur baby will be out of his element all day while you are meeting new friends in your new job or community. With a few of his familiar items around, it may help ease the stress of being in new surroundings.


Schedule one last veterinary check-up

If you have the luxury of time before your move, schedule a check-up at your veterinarian and make sure Sassy and Fido are up on their shots/vaccinations. This is also a good time to ask your vet for a copy of your pets’ medical records. If your cat or dog becomes ill in your new town before you have the chance to find a new vet it will be helpful at the emergency vet to have his most up-to-date medical information on hand.


Remember prescription medication

Make sure you have a month’s supply of any prescription medication your pets are on. It may take time to locate a new veterinarian (see list of things to ask a vet when you are searching for one), and in the meantime you do not want to run out of Fido’s medication. Taking a month’s supply (or two if your vet allows it) will give you time to locate a new vet with whom both you and Fido are comfortable.


Don't let your pet go hungry

A week’s supply of food and your pet’s favorite treats should be on your list of “must pack” items. (Even more if you can fit it in is a good idea.) Again, anything which is familiar to Fido and Sassy will make them feel more at home. Taking their food and water dish, and making sure their daily feeding schedule is as similar to their previous home will be comforting for them. The last thing you want to do is make an abrupt change in their diet causing stomach upset because you ran out of their regular food and have to substitute a different type because you have to run out and buy whatever you can find. If you have at least a week’ supply, that should give you time to locate the nearest pet food supply store that carries your brand, or if you mail order your food this gives you enough time for the food to get to your new address (you remembered to update your address right?).


Patience is a virtue

Finally, stock up on a healthy supply of patience. Fido and Sassy may or may not take the move in stride. Remember they cannot express their apprehension, their worries and fears about this new adventure in words. You might notice some behavior which seems out of character. They are surrounded by new sounds, sights, smells, and possibly a new routine. Reassure them with some extra play time, some extra cuddles, belly rubs, especially patience. If they see that you feel happy and secure in your new surroundings they will soon adapt and you will be enjoying your new home together in no time!


Packing for the move

Packing for the move

Aww man. Where did I put my favorite yellow bone again?