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Updated by Ed Brancheau on Mar 29, 2015
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OMG PBN Building List

Here's a list of steps that need to be taken to build an effective OMG-style PBN. Please feel free to add your own steps and vote up or down the others.

The main goal of this list is to create a list of steps that need to be taken when we build a PBN from buying domains to publishing new content on a regular basis.


Enable Whois Guard


Change SOA


Add Spyder Spanker plugin


If a PBN has Perfect Privacy LLC make sure that they are not linked to the same money sites


Check Way Back Machine to make sure:

Way Back Machine

  • There are no large gaps
  • The site seems to be the same over time
  • The outbound links link to related sites

Use Link Juice Keeper plugin to...

  • Manually 301 the most important links to the same page using "simple 301 redirects" plugin
  • Use Link Juice Keeper for the rest except for those that have a zero in "Linking Root Domains"
  • LJK is not needed on all sites
  • Track the "Registrant Name" to keep track of footprints

Verify site/page is indexed

Make sure that a site/page is already indexed before you link a PBN to it or the PBN might get deindexed


Domain Search

Make sure that a domain has at least:

  • DA >= 15 (cheap domain strategy) or 20 (good quality)
  • CF/TF >= 10
  • CF >= TF/2
  • Linking domains >= 10
  • No large dropoff in number of links
  • No spammy links

Double check to make sure you have privacy on the domain you are posting to, or a fake name.


Double check to make sure no personal e-mail is showing up


Make sure you install yoast seo plugin (or a similar plugin) and set your categories, tags and archives to "no index,...

Click on "Taxonomies" - Under the "Categories" AND "Tags" section click the boxes "Meta robots: no index, follow". Save. Click on the "Other" tab next to "Taxonomies" and do the same for "Author Archives" section - click box "Meta robots: no index, follow"


Make sure the content you are posting is unique and good quality grammar.

You can use to check your grammar score. If grammar score is low (like below 85 - the higher the better though), either manually review the article (with the help of something like microsoft word) or use (monthly subscription) to help you with it.


Double check spreadsheets for whois footprints (like multiple links from sites having "Perfect Privacy, LLC" as the p...


Double check content in for duplicate content


Before sending any PBNs directly to a money site, build the authority of the site as much as possible.

Build social properties, send social links (social explosion is good), build citations of a local site, do some DAS if an affiliate site - get the trust of the site going before sending PBNs directly to the site.


use PBNs to power your social properties and Web 2.0 properties

This will create a barrier where if you do mess up in research and get a "bad pbn" - it has a much less chance of hurting you (trust of site has been built AND you have a high DA property acting as a barrier).


Delete Wordpress footer to get rid of outbound links