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Headline for Class Blogs - Information Fluency and Inquiry Spring 2015
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Class Blogs - Information Fluency and Inquiry Spring 2015

Enjoy our reading and thinking for this semester!

Jennifer Coggins - The Innovative Classroom

I found the resources to be very interesting. It seemed as though all of the resources pointed out that we have an abundance of information at our fingertips through the use of technology. There are so many different ways to gather information and ideas in order for us to grow and become more successful educators.

Module 1 Resources. . . When looking at the resources that are provided, I am overwhelmed by a feeling of excitement and fear. All of the resources seem to be related to blogging and online learning. I am starting to feel like I am actually a 21st century learner.

Melanie Kirby - MKirby_Frit7234

InfoWhelm and Information Fluency My Daily Info-Wrangling Routine 8 Ways Into Inquiry Learning The Journey from Digital Literacy to Digital Fluency My daily info-wrangling routine (You may click on the titles above to view the resources) The information from this week's resources talked about information that can be found instantly with just a touch of a button.

Andrea Carver - FRIT7233 Blog

All of the articles focused on how much information is available at the touch of a finger. From the Internet to Twitter and to Blogs, people everywhere can connect to learn and discuss their topics of interest. One main common thread is the overload of information and how to manage all of the information and how to use this information in the classroom.

Laramy Wells - The Adventures of the Superman of Tech

Below you will find a video and three links to websites regarding Information Fluency and Inquiry: My Daily Info-Wrangling Routine Creating Classrooms We Need: 8 Ways into Inquiry Learning The Journey From Digital Literacy to Digital Fluency The main idea behind all of these resources is "Information Overload."

Carmen McQueen - I Love The Media Center

All four resources provide a sound opening for our class on information fluency and inquiry. While they may approach the field from different perspectives, all sources are advancing the idea of incorporating technology/media in the classroom and the community beyond the school.

Having reviewed the listed resources, I have come to the understanding the authors of these resources all believe that there has been a significant shift from the traditional student to a student who...

Blog Post #1: Identify 2-4 learning goals you have set for yourself related to this class. What knowledge and skills do you want to be sure you have acquired by the time the semester is over? 1....

I have a lot to learn in this class, here are two goals that I would love to meet by the end of the class. 1. Utilize my PLN and understand what all it is able to do. (This is my first time hearing about it) 2.

Kaila Copenhaver - FRIT 7234 Blog

The resources in Module 1 were definitely insightful to information presented online and inquiry learning. The first article, My Daily Info-Wrangling Routine by Bryan Alexander, almost stressed me out a little bit! I cannot imagine going through hundreds of feeds, podcasts, e-mail, social media, and print materials! It seems crazy to me.

I think I finally have a grasp on "information fluency." This week's module required me to review four resources, and the first, a YouTube video called "InfoWhelm and Information Fluency," broke it down for me!

When I need to find information about something I mainly use Google search. I never stop to think whether there is a correct way and an incorrect way to search for information. I consider myself to be an informational searcher. I type in the keywords or the question for what I need answered.

The resources we were given this week to explore all revolved around the new way in which the 21st Century creates information, accesses information, and uses information, and then shifted that focus into the question of how are we preparing our students for this new way of information travel.

Reflective Searching After reading, "The Information Behaviour of the Researcher of the Future" I established my typical way for searching for things on the internet. I search the internet in a variety of ways by 'Checking information' and 'Horizontal information seeking.'

I work at Georgia Southern University as the Assistant to the Dean in the College of Science and Mathematics. A large portion of my job duties are focused on disseminating information for our audiences and followers via social media and on the web.

In our M1 resource folder we were introduced or reintroduced to some of tools that can be used in this class. The overall connection I made to these resources that they are examples of assignments we will be building for this class such as our PLN, twitter and Blogs.