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Updated by Nick Kellet on Nov 13, 2015
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Listly Case Studies

As I've been getting to know Listly and most of all its community, I've been sharing and collecting a list of great case studies. Or to put it another way, lists that have proved to be well worth sharing.

So here's the list. Go explore.


Top iPad Productivity Apps | @MichaelHyatt

Early @listly user - Yes more crowd-sourcing

LinkedIn Experts - A List - @LinkedInExpert

Great example of using Listly to draw people into your list. The list gives status to everyone on it. I'm sure it's a list that's going to grow and grow.

Top financial startups | @Tradestreaming

Crowd engagement. An example of crowdsourced voting by Zack Millier over at @Tradestreaming.

@Scobleizer - Top Android Apps - A List

Robert Scoble seeded this list and asked his followers to complete it

20 “Marketing That Works” Tutorials | @dannyiny

Danny has been a total star. We got late to the game on this one, adding listly to his plans to track the metrics for his contest and drive traffic across the web. This is live for Jan 2012

A new post is released each week day on Danny's blog

Top iPad Apps - @kevinrose

Great example of crowd-sourcing

My Community Manager | @mycmgr / @tamcdonald

Very much work in progresss. An unconference that's going to be managed by @listly. There are several lists involved in the conference.

Vote for the Top 12 Most Posts of 2011 | @12most / @pegfitzpatrick

Big thanks to Peggy Fitzpatrick for allow us to host their contest for the best posts on 2011. She seeded the list with a few suggestions and the crowd did the rest

Best List of Anthems | David Sinden @sinden

Great example of crowd-sourcing on listly. I know very little about this list.

ITSM HOT or NOT - Blog - @servicesphere

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 6:21PM Last year we launched the idea of an ITSM olympics. A place where we could crowd source and opinion on Help Desk, Service Desk, ITSM tools. In July of 2011, ServiceSphere a Pink Elephant Company, launches: ITSM Hot or Not is not just a tool competition, it's a crowd sourced taste making engine for software!

Top Bible Apps for the iPhone | @nwbingham

Crowd-sourcing at it's best. Follow the credit link to see the list embedded directly in front of the blogger's audience - exactly where it should be. Just check out the metrics

Simplified and Socially Responsible Gift Giving | Bruce Reyes-Chow | @breyeschow

Great list crowd-sourced by Bruce Reyes Chow. Featured in Huffington Post.

Margie Clayman’s 100 Favorite Blog Posts of 2011 | @margieclayman

Margie rocks. Marge was one of the first people I connected with to validate my ideas around lists. So when I say her publish this list at HTML I pinged her. She was totally up for replacing her old list with a listly list.

Communications and Collaboration Platforms | @TalentCulture / @meghanMBiro

Listly used to share questions and promote the event for weekly #TChat forum.

Link Building Tactics - A List - @JamesAgate

This list is a great example of smart crowd-sourcing.

The Power of Lists @danmoulthrop @civiccommons

A few weeks ago, I was catching up on some work and tracking a little Twitter activity, and I noticed a tweet from a friend that she was heading into #mediachat. I had no idea what it was, but I've participated in tweetups before and thought this might be something I should be aware of.

Your Favourite #Adelaide Tweeters

In response to a printed list of tweeters in an Adelaide newspaper, the Adelaide Twitter community did their own list of fave Adelaide tweeters. Great example of engagement. Embedded here -

Supernova Studios Nova Scotia Virtual Tours - Lists | @nancyebain

Nova Scotia Social media marketing success doesn’t happen by accident. It is engineered. Supernova Studios specializes in helping you establish, manage and monitor your online identity.

Community Managers @tamcdonald @lttlewys @mycmgr

a 500+ long list of crowd-sourced community managers, used as the seed list to tager people to attend the 2012 Unconference in Chicago

Speakers for THE NINES - @toddrhoades

@RafaelCastillo Rafael Castillo is the Director of Next Generation Ministries at Christ Tabernacle in Queens, New York. He is the also the Co-Founder of Youth Explosion Ministries, a recognized and thriving youth ministry in New York City. After serving in youth ministry for over a decade, Rafael continues to serve youth and leaders as a passionate communicator and consultant.

Top Doers (That's people who get stuff done) in Northeast Ohio

An example of an highly engaged Facebook audience contributing to a list of top doers in North East Ohio!