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Life Of A CRPS Fighter

Top 10 Most Painful Diseases

*CRPS/RSD is #1 :-(*
A diseased existence is worse than non-existence. It'd be highly unjustified to rate diseases as every suffering is impalpable by anyone other than the sufferer himself. The researchers devised scales to actually rate the amount of pain one suffers from and it's solely on that basis that we have come to enlist some of the world's most painful disease.

Chronic Pain Awareness Month

September is Chronic Pain Awareness Month! As a therapist/social worker, and a someone who lives with chronic pain, September is my new favorite month. Some of us (and/or our loved ones) are dealing with Chronic Pain and/or disability on a daily basis. Sadly, our pain does not end come October 1.

There is no cure for CRPS, but the disease can be slowed. The main focus is on relieving the symptoms and helping people with this syndrome live as normal a life as possible. Physical and occupational therapy should be started as early as possible.

When caregivers need care: Supporting the people that you rely on

Written by: Ellen S. Patterson, MD, MAPublished: Thursday, August 16, 2012Reviewed by: Kevin L. Zacharoff, MD, November 2014 If you're living with chronic pain, you might need someone to help you take care of your everyday needs - a caregiver.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Fact Sheet

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain condition most often affecting one of the limbs (arms, legs, hands, or feet), usually after an injury or trauma to that limb.

[**This site breaks the information down very nicely. It's up-to-date, and provides the latest research findings. It's one of the better pages with info about CRPS that I've seen.]

Making Friends with your Pain

I was talking to a friend a while back and he said, "It must be difficult to live with pain." As many of you know, I have drastically changed my way of thinking and living when it comes to my perspective and how I view life. I was quite shocked...

SSR 03-02p

Social Security delivers a broad range of services online at We have a proud history of protecting the integrity of our programs and service to the public.

The importance of dental care for fibromyalgia, CRPS / RSD warriors

Fibromyalgia (FMS) pain often occurs in the face, head, and neck areas, which can make dental visits something to avoid, understandably. But because serious dental issues are common in people with fibromyalgia, regular trips to the dentist are necessary to catch problems before they become more serious.

The scary truth about our pain problem -

My mother doesn't believe in migraines. Or fibromyalgia. Or any other nebulous condition for which there is no clearly visible physical sign. And should any of them come up in conversation, they're quickly dismissed with a snorted "What nonsense."

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a neuropathic pain disorder that is characterized by: 1) Severe pain beyond the area of injury; 2) Autonomic dysregulation; 3) Neuropathic edema; 4) A movement disorder, atrophy and dystrophy.

When You're Not Sick Enough - But You Dont Look Sick? support for those with invisible illness or chronic illness

Before I even get started with this article, let me state for the record, that for those who have been approved for short or long term disability, you deserve it. You've suffered just as much, if not more than any of the rest of us and I do not begrudge you a thing.

Why Dental Care is Important for People with Chronic Pain

Spinal pain can affect just about every part of the body, including the face, head and neck areas. Not surprisingly, this can make scheduling a dentist visit about as appealing as a root canal. But because serious dental issues are common in people using medications for acute and chronic back pain, regular trips to the dentist are necessary to catch problems before they become more serious.

New Medication being developed to treat CRPS

A treatment that has given hundreds of CRPS fighters a 2nd chance.

Never give up on hope!

How to Cope with Side-Effects of Medications

Many of us who suffer from chronic pain and illness are on medications with side-effects that, in some cases, are as difficult to cope with as our initial health problems. I've recently started a medication that I'm scheduled to be on for five years.

More: Tough Choices You Face When Chronically Ill or in Pain

I recently posted "5 Tough Choices You Face When Chronically Ill or in Pain." I wrote it from personal experience but was amazed to discover how many of you said it applied to you too. It seems as if we all face the same tough choices...

What Those with Chronic Pain or Illness DON'T Want to Hear

The purpose of this piece is not to make fun of those whose comments are off the mark; most people have good intentions. I've written it partly because I hope it will make those of us with health difficulties feel less alone and partly because I hope it will help others understand how to communicate with us better.

Part 2: What the Chronically Ill DON'T Want to Hear

In my article, "What Those with Chronic Pain or Illness DON'T Want to Hear You Say," I shared some of the comments that have been made to me since I became chronically ill in 2001. Many people said they'd been subjected to the very same comments...and more.

A Not-To-Do List For Caregivers of the Chronically Ill

In August 2013, I posted " A Not-To-Do List for the Chronically Ill." It led me to turn my attention to those who take care of us. In a study published in the J ournal of the Royal Society of Medicine, "Quality of life: impact of chronic illness on the partner," JRSM, v.

How to Help Your Caregiver

I know how fortunate I am to have a loving caregiver. Although he may not see it this way, my illness has been as hard on him as it's been on me. But he's stuck around and he never complains about the extra burdens he's had to take on.

A Not-To-Do List for the Chronically Ill

A few weeks ago, I realized I could benefit from a not-to-do list that would remind me of my limitations-limitations I often ignore either because I'm in denial or because I want to please others. Unfortunately, I always pay the price physically, and that's not good for me mentally either.

Living with Pain: Sleep Quality, Depression, Pain and Disability

Felix Naughton and his colleagues conducted a study to examine the relationship between sleep quality, depression, pain severity, and disability. Their results (reported in the journal Pain) showed that sleep quality did not directly affect disability, but rather that poor sleep quality tended to make people feel more depressed and tended to make their pain feel worse.

Pain-Relief and Coping Techniques for Severe Pain | The Princess in the Tower

Relaxing your body and calming your mind always helps decrease and help you cope with your pain, whether you're flared-up or in need of ongoing pain management techniques. These range from those that can be done even when the pain is fierce to tools that you can utilise throughout your day and night, offering on-the-spot calm, release from anxiety, and a reduction in pain.

Complex Regional Pan Syndrome CRPS/RSD | The Princess in the Tower

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), as it was previously known, is an excruciating chronic and complex disorder of the autonomic nervous system (dysautonomia), leading to constant pain that is recorded as being as severe as finger amputation without anesthetic.

The aching loneliness of a life with chronic pain

I'm describing an old Wagnerian opera. In this scenario, I'm the aging, not too fat lady with the round prednisone face and the guy in the lederhosen and the suspenders with the somewhat Nazi attitude; he would be my doctor. In the stories and plays, loneliness is always described in such grandiose scale.

Mourning The Loss of The Former Self When Chronically Ill

When one becomes chronically ill there are many emotional and behavioral changes that have to be made in order to properly cope with dealing with the symptoms, limitations, and loss associated with becoming ill. Today we are going to talk about the loss of the former self and how to...