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Eating and Drinking in Beijing

Our relocation guide to Beijing has helpful information for expats in the city on the wonderful culinary choices that it provides, including classic dishes such as Beijing Duck.

Eating and Drinking in Beijing

Food is one of the true delights of living in China, and the food scene in Beijing is up there with Shanghai if not Hong Kong. The variation reflects Beijing's demographic and the economic boom that the city has enjoyed over the past three decades.

The Best International Restaurants in Beijing

Beijing has one of Asia's finest Chinese and international dining scenes. The Beijinger , City Weekend , Time Out Beijing and all have extensive restaurant listings and reviews. Expats are continuously reviewing and commenting on their restaurant experiences on The Beijinger, City Weekend and Time Out websites, whichhave interactive features that allow browsers to find restaurants by genre and neighbourhood.

The Varieties of Chinese Cuisine in Beijing

Expats arriving in China bring varying degrees of familiarity with Chinese cuisine, from foodies eager to compare the pungent flavors of Sichuan tofu to their favourites in San Francisco to those who have merely sampled the China Buffet.

Hankering for Home: From Peruvian to Singaporean, Beijing Expats Struggle to Find Familiar Fare (Part I)

However, maybe we can help! Our expat relocation guide includes some of Beijing's most popular and well-known international restaurants. Learn more about the international food and drink options in Beijing at Expat Essentials:

Your Complete Guide to Alfresco Drinking and Dining in Beijing

Beijing has a multitude of dining options and venues, and the restaurant scene is vibrant, challenging and always changing. Discover more about eating and drinking in Beijing at Expat Essentials:

China's middle class turns to organics after food safety scares

Food safety is undoubtedly a concern for many expats, but as this article suggests, the availability of safe, certified produce is increasing. It is also possible to have high quality, certified food delivered to your home in Beijing and Shanghai. Learn more about FIELDS, China online grocery store at Expat Essentials

The Top Five Cocktail Bars in Beijing

:Beijing has an exciting and eclectic nightlife, with bars, clubs and restaurants to suit every taste. Learn more about Beijing after dark at Expat Essentials


Beijing Food Market – China

Beijing Food Market – China

Dong Hua Men Night Market, Beijing, William via Flickr, (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Not a standard market for the travelling foodie but if you are up for a challenge and have extremely strong stomachs do head over to the Beijing Food Market. 🦀🦂

The place is a gourmet centre for all things creepy. Basically, everything comes on a 'stick' to eat as you go. Choose from snake, extra-large spiders, sheep's penis, pupae, beetles, cockroaches and even medicinal centipedes.

Temple Restaurant

Contemporary European cuisine served in a lovingly restored 600 year-old temple. Managed by ex-Boulud marvel Ignace Lecleir.

Garden At LamaTemple

Serve simple homemade dishes, The recipes of those food from experienced Chinese house-wives, we buy cooking ingredients from the morning market everyday.

Black Sesame Kitchen

Located in an elegant courtyard near the Forbidden City and Jingshan Park.

Fratelli Fresh

There are many Italian restaurants here that do excellent authentic and traditional Italian cuisine; in fact Beijing seems to be over-run with them. Once in a while you come across a restaurant that challenges your notions about cooking, and that is Fratelli Fresh.

Taste - The Delights of Yunnan Flavor 忒食

Located at a nondescript alley where only 1 car can pass through at a time, it is easy to miss this restaurant. After a talk with the owner/ chef, we discovered that all the key ingredients are imported from Yunnan (her home town). Although there is an extensive menu, availability of the dishes are dependant on which fresh produce is in her kitchen daily.

Lunch at Lost Heaven

Lost Heaven is one of Beijing's most talked about restaurants with an eclectic menu to match the stylish design. Opened in May last year, Lost Heaven occupies a prestgious location in Ch'ien Men 23, a refined lifestyle complex housing high end stores such as Patek Philippe and Johnnie Walker House, the renowned Maison Boulud, an art gallery and theatre.

First Glance: Bottega, Sanlitun

Bottega is the latest eatery to enter the fray that is Beijing's crowded pizza market. Specializing in Neapolitan style pizzas (think a thinner, chewier base, cooked quickly at a high temperature with fewer toppings), in the kitchen are brothers Daniele and Paulo Salvo (the "Fratelli Salvo"), who have previously worked with La Pizza and Matta.