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Headline for Eating and Drinking in Singapore
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Eating and Drinking in Singapore

A List encapsulating the enormous and exciting variety of eating and drinking options available in Singapore.

Best Rooftop Bars in Singapore

Singapore is full of some of the best eating and drinking options in Asia, with rooftop bars being a particular highlight. Learn more about the great eating and drinking on offer in Singapore at Expat Essentials

Here's where Singapore's fanciest chefs go to eat (for cheap)

In a city so focused on the next celebrity chef and hot new opening, we can't forget about the cheap and easy gems that makes our food scene so great. Here are where Singapore's hottest chefs go to dine, whether it's a hawker stall or a xiao long bao joint. At Expat Essentials, we help expats to discover the best of local dishes and where to find them.

Guide to the Top Mexican Restaurants in Singapore

Just a few years ago, there were only a handful of Mexican eateries across the island. But there are now over a dozen bona fide Mexican and Tex-Mex joints to choose from, and we couldn't be happier. We've rounded up some of the best to try, from good ol' mainstays to a few newer kids on the block.

The Best Places to Eat and Drink in Singapore

In many ways, food in Singapore reflects the national character in its sheer breadth of influences and convergence of styles. Singaporean cuisine has taken inspiration from the traditional foods of the many regions and peoples who have settled here, and created something that is unique and quintessentially Singapore.

What Makes Singaporean Cuisine Unique?

To define Singaporean cuisine is no easy task. Its influences are wide and varied, and what can be called the true 'national' dish is hotly debated.

International Cuisine in Singapore

As a country with a colonial past and a long history of immigration, as well as a passion for good food, cuisines from around the world have always been a part of life in Singapore. Today, this means many things-as well as the top-class international chefs who come here to set up fine dining, top-end restaurants, international influences can be felt throughout the culinary scene.

The Best International Restaurants in Singapore

Our relocation guide provides comprehensive listings of the best restaurants, cafes and burger joints in Singapore, with all tastes and budgets catered for.

Where to Find the Best Cafés and Coffee Shops in Singapore

Café and coffee culture has hit Singapore in a very big way in recent years. The result is a multitude of small, independent cafés in a variety of locations all over the island.

Where to Enjoy the Nightlife in Singapore

Singapore nightlife has something for everyone. Some neighbourhoods and areas of the city have their own distinct characteristics or personalities with regards to entertainment, but you can literally find bars, clubs and pubs all over the island, sometimes in the most surprising locations.

Where are the Best Places to Go Food Shopping in Singapore?

Getting hold of good quality food is really not a problem in Singapore, as is only to be expected in a country that places such a high premium on all matters culinary. There is a great range of supermarkets and smaller specialty stores offering imported foodstuffs and household goods from Europe, Australia, the US and elsewhere.

Char Restaurant in Singapore

Along a sleepy stretch not far from the dark alleys of the often seedy Geylang neighborhood, two brothers are quietly trying to revolutionize Singapore 's roast meat scene. Char, a cozy 70-seater, opened last January with Chinese-style roast meats being the stars of the menu - specifically traditional meats like char siew (roast pork) and siew yoke (crispy roast pork belly), but done in somewhat untraditional ways.
Learn more about the many great eating and drinking opportunities in Singapore at Expat Essentials

27 Reasons Singapore Is The Most Delicious Place On Earth

Singapore is indeed a gourmet's paradise—and you can find amazing food all over the island, sometimes in the most surprising places. Learn more about some of the highlights of eating in Singapore at Expat Essentials

Where to find Asian whiskys in Singapore

There are a great range of whiskey and other speciality bars in Singapore for both connoisseurs and those who want to try something different. Learn more about bars and nightlife in Singapore at Expat Essentials

Better Breads

Discover more bakeries and places to buy fresh bread and pastries in Singapore at Expat Essentials

Telok Ayer: Singapore's newest dining destination

The area around Telok Ayer MRT has some seriously cool shophouses and now, it's become a legit dining destination with hip eateries sharing the space with mom-and-pop stalls and bars located next to Korean barbecue joints. Here are the latest batch of restaurants to check out in Telok Ayer, Amoy and Boon Tat. Learn more about the great food in Singapore at Expat Essentials

Best Singapore Breakfasts

Singapore has a number of well-established districts that are popular with experts, as well as a number of up-and-cming neighbourhoods that are becoming increasingly popular. Discover more about living in Singapore at Expat Essentials

Where to eat and drink at the new Capitol Piazza in Singapore

The newly-revamped Capitol Theatre is now home to a mall, too. While the place isn't full done up yet, there are tons of foodie options to get excited about. Plus, there's an underground walkway that will connect the place from City Hall MRT, making the rainy day trek that much easier. You can discover more great eating and drinking options in Singapore at Expat Essentials

4 restaurants to get your supper fix in Singapore

For those nights you're feeling hungry and need more than greasy prata and mee goreng, check out these cool new restaurants dishing out late night nosh. If you want to discover more, Expat Essentials has a comprehensive guide to eating and drinking in Singapore.

7 new happy hours to check out in Singapore

There is great variety in Singapore's nightlife, from pubs and bars, to high-class clubs, to sophisticated specialist venues. Discover more about Singapore's nightlife at Expat Essentials:

Janice Wong: Perfecting pastry play

Singapore has a growing number of gourmet and speciality food retailers—including some wonderful artisan bakeries turning out world-class pastries! Discover more wonderful places to shop for food in Singapore at Expat Essentials

The Best Places to Eat in Little India

As well as great food, Little India has its own distinct shopping flavour as well. Packed with malls and stores of every kind, with some of them open 24 hours a day, Little India is many ways epitomises the non-stop and vibrant character of Singapore. Discover more about Little India at Expat Essentials

New app to find happy hours in Singapore

Unsurprisingly for such a connected nation, there are a lot of great apps available that help expats in Singapore find a restaurant, use public transport, catch up with news, and much more. You can find a selection of our favourite apps on our Getting Connected page at Expat Essentials

Best Hawker Centres In Singapore

Food stalls and hawker centres have been an integral part of the Singaporean food culture. Long streets filled with stalls of food and beverages, the hawker centres are the best places to have good and cheap food and drinks in Singapore.And with these reasonable priced food you also get reasonably priced drinks to have a good time without blowing a hole in your pocket. Discover more about hawker centres and Singaporean cuisine at Expat Essentials

Ant Egg Burritos and Squid on a Stick: Expats' First Food Encounters

Food - exploring, cooking, consuming and talking about it - remains the best and easiest way for expats to immerse in the culture of their new homes. We've compiled a collection of expat food adventures that range from hilarious to heartwarming.
As Ruchika Tulshyan rightly points out, chicken rice is one of the ret joys of living in Singapore! To learn more about Singaporean cuisine, and the best places to find it, visit Expat Essentials

Kids Eat For Free - Where to Eat in Singapore

Eating out is one of the great pleasures of expat life in Singapore. There are of course a huge range of dining options, from cheap street food to high-end international restaurants, so any opportunity to save a little cash and have your kids eat for free has to be welcomed! Learn more about eating and drinking in Singapore at Expat Essentials