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Updated by Roland Lefevre (Uditha Dharmawardhane) on Mar 10, 2015
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10 Easy food to eat before your Yoga class - Top 10 Light Foods to Munch before a Yoga Workout

Eating before an exercise sessions vital to keep energy levels up and to tie one over till the workout is over. Healthy and nutritious here are the best light food items to eat before yoga class.



Although eating fruits is recommended before a work out, the type of fruit is equally important. The low acidic quality of pears makes it one of the top choices as a snack before yoga. Infused with plenty of fiber the juicy fruit will keep hunger at bay till the post work out meal time arrives.



A tried and true favorite among health conscious gym goers the world over apples are another power packed fruit ideal for a pre-work out snack. A fantastic source of vitamin C the fruit keeps one hydrated and offers picky eaters a sugar rush as well. Also good for oral hygiene apples are a popular choice among yoga practitioners.



Rich in potassium and vitamin E Almonds are another source of energy that can stave off hunger pangs during a yoga class. High in magnesium the crunchy nut variety also helps build stamina for holding poses for longer periods of time while keeping energy levels up. A fistful of almonds is all that is required for a pre-work out boost.


Oat Meal

Consuming half a cup of oatmeal is also common place among yoga practitioners as the light and easy meal ties one over till the conclusion of the work out session. Easy to burn off and light on the stomach the super healthy snack high in fiber are the perfect alternative for corn flakes and other cereals for health conscious yoga students.



As an ideal snack that is portable and easy to consume on the go prunes are another potassium heavy food item perfect for a meal before a yoga class. Research shows that one ounce of prunes contains whopping 300mg potassium. One ounce also contains little fiber so a small helping of prunes will not make one dash for the bathroom after consumption.



As one of the best and natural sources of sugar raisins are more than decorative elements on cakes and pies. Highly portable and ideal for snacking while waiting for the session to begin raisins give work out fanatics a boost of energy to stay limber and agile during practice.



High in potassium the benefits of consuming bananas are well-documented by health journals the world over. Yogis should also stock up on this juicy fruit to keep them well hydrated during yoga sessions. Snacking on bananas is a popular practice among holidaymakers participating in seminars and retreats at the Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions where a wide variety of fruit based food items are available for visitors.


Watermelon/ Melon

Perfect for keeping the body hydrated during a strenuous yoga session the fruit rich in water content is also low in acidity.


Greek Yoghurt

This is a snack option available for yoga practitioners who do not suffer from lactose intolerance or have any difficult digest dairy products. Low in fat unlike regular yoghurt cultures Greek yoghurt contains high levels of protein and lactose that provides energy for a successful work out.



Another fruit that is a natural source of sugar apricots are a light and energy giving food item that is low in acidity.