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Liwa desert activities to try in Abu Dhabi – embrace the sublime leisure

Liwa's attraction has earned Abu Dhabi quite a reputation. Its popularity, however, was not built in a day. It was a gradual process. The desert remains still and cool with its gift of ancient Arabic tradition conveyed to the modern world.



Archery was an ancient Arabic warfare practice. But with abundance of modern warfare equipment, the Arabs have no need for archery anymore. But it still remains as a traditional sport where good skill is required. Simply ignore the fact that you have never tried a hand on it. Just do it now, if you are in Liwa desert. Aim at the bull's eye. You may fail, but it is always worth a try. It tests your physical vigour and the keen eyesight. Walk around and you will find a relevant archery course where you can learn the traditional art.


Desert Walks

Desert walk is the most ideal way to enjoy the breathtaking Liwa. You will be walking along the Arabic culture and wildlife. The cultural places will teach you the Arabic history, while animals will introduce you to the interesting world of Abu Dhabi. It is very much fun if you make the walk with family. But take proper caution before setting off. You will require proper walking shoes, and make sure you are fit to walk long distances. If you book Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, an Abu Dhabi Desert Tour, it will be easy to arrange a desert walk.


Camel Trekking

Bet you will never get this experience anywhere other than the Middle East. Do not get scared to board this giant lively ship of the desert. They are well trained and would not give you any creeps. Camel Trekking is among the few things you must never miss. This activity is confined to small groups so that you can have an enhanced experience.


Family Trek

If you have children over four years, Family Trek is a super activity to occupy. The activity takes you around the valleys in about an hour and 15 minutes. You can choose the duration as you think it is fit. If you have other activities too to attend, you can then go for a short trek which is about 45 minutes. Either of it, you can take plenty of photos.


Sunset trek

This activity will occupy you for about an hour and 45 minutes. But it is really a worthwhile activity, as you can set sights on the Arabic enchantment. Do not forget to take your camera so that you can capture almost every enchanting moment.


Dune Bashing

Well, you haven't got much interest in walking. Then the best option is to get into a four-wheel vehicle which will take you around. Yes, for some travelers it is the best option to enjoy Arabic world on Liwa desert. The four-wheel drive itself is entertainment for thrill-seeking travelers.


Desert Safari

On Desert Safari, you will be journeying with a guide. It is the most 'knowledgeable' way to enjoy the Arabic dunes. While you stop by for a picturesque capture, your guide will enlighten you about the significance of that particular place. Take your whole family there, and it will be a knowledge-sharing moment for all of you. You will treasure this memory forever.