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Top Tourist Activities in Koh Phangan - moments to treasure

Long time ago there was a moon party here. They had the party in the radiant glow of moon at the beach which is shaped like a crescent. This party was the talk of the town, and more folks thronged here. Now the count is betwen 10,000 and 30,000. And the place is called Koh Phangan.


The Chinese Temple

If you reach northwestern part of Phangan island, you can locate this interesting Chinese temple. Interesting is what its history narrates. Khun Malawan visited this island towards early 90s. She had a dream, and in that she had a revelation. About that revelation you can find more information once you reach there. For the time being know that the revelation paved the way to the building of this temple in 1992.


Wat Phu Khao Noi

If you desire an appointment with a monk, you can do so by visiting here before noon. They say this is the oldest temple. True to its name which means 'the temple of the small mountain', the temple is nestled on a small mount on the South-West of Koh Phangan. It is much easier if you could stay at one of the Phangan Resorts like Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villa Resort & Spa.


Phaeng Waterfall

Though it sounds beautiful the journey there is not a cakewalk. You need to walk on a steep mountainous route. The waterfall is ever more beautiful especially after rainy weather.


Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

For a diving enthusiast nothing could be more sensuous than big coral reefs and crystal clear waterpath. Koh Panga is a must if diving is very much your cup of tea. And best still is you will get to sight beautiful fish under the water. In fact the waters have everything for the diving enthusiast from whale sharks to barracuda. And then you will be able to meet internationally qualified instructors who can offer you expert lessons. You can also earn diving certificates.


Mountain Biking

Who said the island is for diving alone? It is very much a good place for cycling too. Here is just as much fun and adventure to be had for little people, and the possibilities are endless. From exploring delicate routes you can slowly expand your cycling to rough terrains. Of course the island is full of off road routes. Handpicking one could be a tough job. Whatever route you pick, do not ignore your safety. Make sure you have put on the helmet. Haven't got a good mountain cycle? Throw that worry to wind. There is enough number of renting places if you look around.


The Laem Son Sea

Take your journey towards the northwestern part of Koh Phangan, and you have made your way here. You will be tempted to take a refreshing bath here as you see a lot of others doing the same. It will rejuvenate all your senses. The water is that cool. The wooden swings and ropes hanging from the trees will force you to experience the child in you. But be careful. In case you get injured, help would not be immediately available.