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Updated by Catalina Forbes on Mar 09, 2015
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Top Thai Food to Experience in Bangkok - Taste the local flavours

Food is an important part of Thai culture. When you are in Bangkok make sure you turn on your foodie mode. The range of delectable Thai cuisines is simply mouthwatering so don't leave the country without trying out some local dishes.


Tom Yum Gung

Tom Yum Gung is definitely yum yum! This Thai masterpiece soup with shrimp (which is the main ingredient) mushrooms, tomatoes, lemongrass, lime and couple of other herbs is one of the most popular Thai dishes in the world. The tangy, sweet and a strong spicy flavor that leaves behind a tingling sensation on your taste buds is definitively worth tasting. The mishmash of herbs exudes a refreshing aroma ensuring that you slurp down every drop. Certain ingredients can be altered (but not everything) if you prefer a creamy flavor coconut milk or cream can be added but for a more sour and healthy version you can omit these!


Gaeng Keow Wan Kai

This is a ravishing green chicken curry that comes with tender chicken, eggplant, bamboo shoots, Thai basil and of course green chilies, which is made into a thick paste mixed with coconut milk. A handful of other herbs and roots that are popular in Thai cuisines go into the dish as well. Since there is plenty of gravy it is usually served as an accompaniment with a bowl of rice.


Pad Thai

You probably don't need to be in Bangkok to hear about Pad Thai since it is one of the most popular dishes outside of Thailand. However what you taste in Thailand you will never taste anywhere else, because it's not only about the noodles but also the culture and surrounding that will make the dish taste that much better. Thin or wide noodles are heaved into a hot wok then a host of ingredients follow including tofu, shrimp, peanuts, green onions, bean sprouts, garlic, fish and lime. The finishing touch is a scrambled egg that adds extra deliciousness. Plenty of street food carts serves the best Pad Thai dishes.


Yum Nua

If you love beef then you are surely going to love Yum Nua salad. The incredible diversity of flavours in the salad is what makes it special and a must taste. Spicy strips of cooked beef are mixed with onion, cilantro, chili, mint leaves and rice powder. You can bring out a better taste if served with lettuce and brown rice. You can taste all the special flavors of Thailand at Riverside Restaurants Bangkok where they serve an interesting range of local cuisines to tingle your taste buds. In world-class hotels such as Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort and Spa offer not only a range of great facilities and luxury accommodation, they also serve mouthwatering local cuisines.


Kai med Ma Muang

This is a dish a stir-fried dish with chicken and cashew. This is not really a special event dish but can go along as a mid week staple for lunch or dinner. The dish is quite colourful and very flavoursome since it is a blend of sweet and chili. You can simply have it with steamed rich and it will be quite a filling meal specially since the cashew adds volume to the dish.