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Updated by Alex Untola on Mar 09, 2015
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Most Popular Must Haves for Urban Apartment Living - ease yourself into 21st century lifestyle

The root cause of your unease is obvious at once. Even though you could afford a good home, you must have an idea on how to have a place with proper facilities. How is it possible? The answer lies out there. It is simply a matter of researching a bit.


Fitness facilities

Convenience has topped the priority list among the new generation families. If you belong to the new generation, then you will most probably be concerned about the sustainability and natural space. Occasionally you will also need wildlife areas and relaxation areas. With the generation gap, relaxation also has a new definition.
Most people now make use of relaxation areas to try out their Yoga, Pilates and Zumba. Fitness is a key priority of the new generation. That is why the older generation thinks the new generation is quite active. So give fitness facilities a good thought.



You may not see a fire, but the smoke is there. So better watch out for yourself. Modern apartments attract smugglers and robbers obviously. You should have well-lit parking lots and streets close to the apartment. The access to your apartment should be confined to some extent. The residencies should better be left gated.
These are some of the most basic options if you consider safety as a key priority. The urban apartment living should have security, high level in that, with other modern features such as security systems, peep holes, door security, surveillance cameras, high-wattage sodium lighting and parking lot security or fencing.



The location also depends largely on individual choice. Some would choose apartments with large space, but a little far from the city. Whereas some others would pick smaller space close to the city, depending on their daily requirements. Both types of apartments have their pros and cons. Closer to the city means you are more exposed to the unhealthy lifestyle. Far from the city, the better health you have. But you are far from convenience as well. Just step into Chifley Hotels and Apartments, a group of Apartments in Australia, and you can see how being located close to the city works wonders in daily routine convenience.


Kitchen Safe

A must if you belong to the modern generation. More than your predecessors, you have more tendency to wolf down junk food, as they are abundantly available in the markets. Kitchen Safe stores them all with limited access. Keep everything unhealthy from junk food to video games there. And ride your health to a successful level. There will be a significant change within a short time. You can use the safe to store your cash to prevent yourself from unwanted expenses.



That period when you were in a mess trying to unbolt the doors while getting lost in a set of keys is now over. With Lockitron, it is soon going to be a thing of the past. Lockitron is a keyless entry system. You can unlock the door for your guests without much hassle. It will inform you when children are at the door. Make it your friend, for Lockitron is a portable device.



There are things which you cannot simply resist yourself. Drinking is one among them. For most of you, nothing could be more relaxing than having a drink in a cozy settee. These moments multiply as you work from home. But there is a solution out there. Vessyl knows what you drink, and keeps a record on everything you drink. Try it out, if you really need to protect yourself from unhealthy habits.