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Information Security & Penetration Testing

Cyber Security news, tutorials and guidelines to stay secure while using latest web and mobile technology.

FREAK another bug that threaten the world

Hundreds of millions of Windows PC users are vulnerable to attacks exploiting the recently uncovered "Freak" encryption security flaw.

Wireless hacking by using Software define radio

Ever wanted to spoof a restaurant's pager system? How about use an airport's Primary Surveillance RADAR to build your own bistatic RADAR system and track moving objects? What sorts of RF transactions take place in RFID systems, such as toll booths, building security and vehicular keyless entry?

The Theory of Every Hacking Attack

" Nobody can hack you without your permission" Sometimes it is very hard to transfer your feelings and thoughts into words, especially if you are trying to say something about someone's privacy and security.

Lizard Squad member and 55 Hackers Arrested in UK Cyber Crime Raids

A crackdown lead by Britian's NCA (National Crime Agency) in the past week around 56 cyber criminals were arrested. NCA suspected that the arrested hackers are involved some very serious hacking activities like DoD, Yahoo, PlayStation and Xbox live attacks. This is the biggest hacking raid by any agency related to cyber security in UK.

How US unitentionally created Wikileaks?

When a hobbit can have an unexpected journey then why not a hacker has many unexpected stories to share with the world. Hacking is one of the adventurous field where you enjoy while working and you like to know the inside-out of everything, hacking is beyond a profession it is a passion.

Xiaome Mi4 Detected with Preinstalled Malware

Bluebox, a mobile-security firm has discovered preinstalled malware and a host of other security issues with Xiaomi Mi 4 device. It seems that mobile device has been tampered by an unidentified third party. Bluebox seeked to contact Xiaomi but did not get any response.

CIA trying to break into Apple security to steal secrets

The news come to light today that US agency CIA is trying to crack the security of Apple devices for years. It is clear that world's top two giants Google and Apple didn't get along with the US security agencies like NSA and CIA in the past.

Apple fixes FREAK security bug with latest iOS update

Apple has fixed the FREAK security flaw in its iPhone's and iPad's with the release of iOS 8.2. A Security researcher team told the company that this flaw will allow hackers to interpret encrypted connections. The update was released on Monday in a media event took place in San Francisco.

Android hacking and Penetration testing

Appie is a software package that has been pre-configured to function as an Android Pentesting Environment. It is completely portable and can be carried on USB stick or your smartphone. It is one of its kind Android Security Analysis Tool and is a one stop answer for all the tools needed in Android Application Security Assessment, Android Forensics, Android Malware Analysis.

Microsoft Addressed FREAK & Stuxnet Vulnerabilities

Microsoft has come up with the most important Patch Tuesday to address the "FREAK" security vulnerability, an encryption flaw that leaves device users vulnerable to having their electronic communications obstructed. Microsoft's regularly scheduled Patch Tuesday also included an updated patch for Stuxnet, a five-year-old vulnerability that affects windows operating system.

'AntiDetect' tool only way to Cashout from a Stolen Credit Cards

All the Banks around the world are now moving towards the embedded chip technology in their credit and debit cards to avoid any fraudulent activities from thieves and hackers. All the banks in U.S and Europe are already switch to this technology now hackers are using tools like AntiDetect and FraudFox to cashout from stolen cards.

China Finally Admits It Has an Army of Hackers for Cyberwar

China has confessed to the existence of special cyber warfare units as intimidation between a nation and United States over cyber espionage continues to rise. China has been the aim of suspicion relating to high-profile cyberattacks and state-sponsored campaigns for a long time.

India VS Pakistan Cyber war - The battle of Nonsense Cyber Armies

Countries nowadays don't want to start wars on their border because it creates win-lose situation, loads of destruction, human life and infrastructure are in danger and there are many other disadvantages are there. The bitter truth is that human can't live without having a war, so we (human) have chosen a new ground to commence war.

You can now opt out of Verizon's 'supercookie' tracking program

Verizon has been spotted this past January for loading "supercookie" with every smartphone. Like more traditional Internet cookies, supercookies track users' online behavior to serve them up targeted advertisements, but unlike regular cookies, supercookies are impossible for users to delete. Mobile devices on the carrier's network include a Unique Identifier Header, or UIDH.

US declares National emergency over Cyberattackers

US President, Barack Obama has set out plans to use economic sanctions against cyber attackers and companies that benefit from the online theft of secrets. An executive order has been signed today which authorizes a set of new sanctions to be imposed on cyber attackers involved in hacking into the network of US companies or government agencies.

Google supports Android security

Google has enacted a system through Google play for Android devices called Verify Apps. The latest Android Security State of the Union includes clarification about what the company scans is your phone through Google Play-downloaded apps as well as apps you have downloaded elsewhere.

Auto Reaver - multiple Access Point Attack using Reaver

This is bash script which provides multiple access point attack using and BSSIDs list from a text file. If processed AP reaches rate limit, script goes to another from the list, and so forth.