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Pet Care Tips and Advice!

All about Pet Care tips and advice for Pet Owners!!
Dedicated to your Paws and Claws !

Doggy Breakfast: Fruits and Vegetable Strips

Giving the very old commercial branded dog foods might bore your furry friend. On rare cases, dogs develop heat rashes, and dry skin due to the commercial food items. So, why don't you try something new for your puppy and amaze him/her with a tasty yummy treat?

How to Keep your Dog Cool in the Summer

Generally dogs are more susceptible to heat and they suffer from the stress of heat more than humans as they cannot sweat. Also, dog's coat is not suitable for warmer climates. Few dogs that have snub-noses fall sick, as they get exposed to overheat and their health becomes bad due to breathing difficulties.


Have a safe Holi!

Have a safe Holi!

Please don't color on #‎Pets !!
They get #‎itches and the #‎chemicals might harm your #‎furry #‎friends severely!
Have a safe #‎holi !!
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5 Popular Small Bird Breeds for Backyards | Just 4 Pet Care

Roughly there are around 10,000 different bird species all around the world that are amazingly good for your backyard bird's checklist. Though, there are a lot many types of bird breeds to choose from, here I am going a share a few among the top backyard birds that would perfectly fit your home and lifestyle.

10 Incredibly Colorful Freshwater Aquarium Fishes

When it comes to coloring up our aquarium, we fill it with lots of small fishes in gold, white and black in common. But, there are some eye-catching and colorful freshwater fishes which will mesmerize by having it in your aquarium. Here, I have shared some of the most beautiful and colorful freshwater fishes in the world.

Top 8 Rarest Cat Breeds in the World

When it comes to cat breeds, there are a lot of cat types and varieties available in the world. Here I have compiled a list of 10 top rarest cat breeds based on the online research from different resources. Find and enjoy reading! Sphynx is a hairless cat breed that looks more like an alien.

Dogs - "Guiding Eyes" for Visually Impaired Video | Just 4 Pet Care

Dogs are always man's best companion! They give us all the support and trust to make our life keep going. Nowadays dogs are being trained to guide the visually impaired people in their daily life. Dogs guide blinds and visually impaired elders to get to their destination passing through the obstacles.

DOG : A film for a cause

DOG : A film for a cause : with Boman Irani's voice - Created by Scarecrow Communications / Directed by Kiran Deohans ( Renowned Cinematographer - known for his cinematography for films like Ramaiya Vastavaiya, Agneepath, Jodhaa Akbar, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam, Aks and Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and many more ) & Aban Bharucha Deohans of Candid Creations ( Author : Book - What a Life Yaar !)


Puppy Cool

Puppy Cool

Cool Puppy!!


Dog Dinner

Dog Dinner

#Honey! That's an #awesome #dinner ! So #yummy!

Funny Dogs - World's Funniest Dog Video Ever!

These funny dogs from are guaranteed to have your sides splitting from laughter - please share to lighten up someone else's day!

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Very Funny!
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Dogs and Cup cakes

Dogs and Cup cakes

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Discus‬ fish with babies

Discus‬ fish with babies

Facts do you Know?
#‎Discus fish carrying fry. They eat the slime coat off the parents. Discus are amazing parents taking turns and flashing from dark to lit when they want a break. The other parent goes dark and takes over.
#‎discusfish #‎fishes #‎aquarium #‎freshwater


Happy Women's Day 2015 !!

Happy Women's Day 2015 !!

Dear #‎Pet #‎Mom !!
May your Sunny & Enthusiastic spirit be with you always!
Happy Women's Day !
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Cute Pictures of Cats and Dogs Together | Just 4 Pet Care

Do you think cats and dogs are enemies? Then, check out this photo gallery and I am sure, you will change your opinion!! About The Author Harini Prakash Harini Prakash is a pet addict, who loves animals to the core. She treat pets as her best companions and believe they are so genuine and friendly!

10 Popular Dog Breeds of 2015

If you are interested in buying a pedigree dog or you just want to know the popular breeds of dog, here are the top 10 popular dog breeds in the world. Check whether your furry friend make the list!! Beagle is one of the most chubby, funny and gentle dog breeds in the world.


Neon Tetras Fishes

Neon Tetras Fishes

Today's #‎Pet:
Neon Tetras Fishes:
Beautiful Jewel of the Aquarium!
They are bright with neon stripes, they are great pets for beginners!!
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Dogs and Cats fight

Haha!! #lol
That's Funny!

7 Tips to Manage Multi-Pet Household | Just 4 Pet Care

You have decided to bring home another pet, but your faithful companion, who has enjoyed the single pet-hood, may not feel comfortably to make it up with another pet. Bringing in another furry pet is not a tough job, here are a few easy to follow tips from experts to make your pets feel comfortable with each other.


Fact about Hummingbird

Fact about Hummingbird

Fact of the #‎Day:
Bird that lays the smallest egg in the world !!
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Underwater Puppy

Underwater Puppy

That's an underwater #‎puppy!
How #‎cute! like emoticon
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8 "Human Food" Dogs can Eat

8 Human Food Dogs can Eat !!
#dogs #food #pets #petcare
Here is an exclusive article on human food for pets. Check this out!!


Fun with Dogs

Fun with Dogs

Hehe that's a #cute #saying !
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18 Cute Kids with their Big Dogs

Despite their giant looks, Dogs can always make good friendship with their family members especially with little kids. Here are a few pics that are truly adorable and fun loving! Pets teach a lot to children including responsibility, confidence, morals and also keeps them active all around the day.