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Updated by Trisha H Bundy on Aug 08, 2015
Headline for Gastroparesis Awareness
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Gastroparesis Awareness

I am a mother of 3 amazing kids, elementary teacher (currently on medical leave), and a #gastropares fighter. Gastroparesis means I have a semi-paralyzed stomach. I am considered as having either post-viral or ideopathic (unknown cause) gastroparesis. I am creating this list to compile information, struggles, coping, and advocacy that relates to this life-altering disease.

Journal No.140 | The Sharespot

Today is my 1st day on ShareSpot so I 039 m going to begin by sharing my history of Gastroparesis Two years ago I was diagnosed with gastroparesis functional gi motility disorder I know first hand the damage and destruction this disorder can cause It is truly life altering On

Journal No.148 | The Sharespot

I heard some news last night that really left me confused I am really at a loss Gastroparesis is already an awful dibilitating disease that has been apart of my life for over 2 years now I have been dependent on a GJ feeding tube since May 2013 due the

Journal No.151 | The Sharespot

Today has been another rough day with symptoms thanks to my constantly unwelcome friend gastroparesis However it has also been a very promising day As usual my husband drove me to yet another appt this time with a new nutritionist To be honest I was very skeptical about this appt

Journal No.153 | The Sharespot

What is Advocacy Advocacy is when you share your voice opinions views and or concerns with the goal of defending and protecting the rights for yourself and or others Advocacy can help bring awareness to information services choices and or options that you or someone else my need Why do

Gastroparesis Fighting for Change

Gastroparesis advocacy page and group

Gastroparesis: Fighting for Change | Notes

Gastroparesis: Fighting for Change. 349 likes ยท 225 talking about this. Welcome! This is the community page for our advocacy group, "Gastroparesis:...

Gastroparesis: Day by Day

My group page asked me what have I been up to so here goes: Spreading Awareness about Gastroparesis; Sharing the Petition; Begging For Donations on the Fundraiser; Making personal pleas on friends Facebook Pages; Tweeting (which is all new to me): Contacting Eli Manning and Dee Snider; Writing my story; Writing a cover letter to be mailed with my story to various sources; Contacting the local news people; Contacting someone about GP candles, etc, etc, etc!!

Proclamation to Establish August as Gastroparesis Awareness Month

Whereas, gastroparesis is a chronic illness which, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), affects more than 5 million Americans; and Whereas, gastroparesis, or "paralysis of the stomach," is a digestive/motility disorder which causes those afflicted to experience debilitating pain, nausea, vomiting, early satiety, and can lead to serious

Guest Post: Gastroparesis Another "But You Don't Look Sick" Disease

Below is a guest post by Melissa Adams VanHouten who suffers from gastroparesis. But first... Gastroparesis [GP] is a serious disorder in which the stomach does not empty its contents into the small intestines. Normally, the vagus nerve stimulates the stomach muscles to churn and break up food we eat.

Petition for Recognizing Gastroparesis as a Disability by the SSA

This petition is being created in the hopes of one day having the Social Security Administration recognize Gastroparesis as a disability. We are asking congress to support this request by the people. This condition is a very debilitating illness.


Gastroparesis Fundraisers

Gastroparesis: Fighting for Change Fundraisers

Gastroparesis "paralyzed stomach" is a disease that most are not aware of. People of all ages can have gastroparesis. Patients with gastroparesis can not eat "normally." Some, like me, depend on a feeding tube for nutrition. Others try to eat small meals 6 or 7 times a day.

Gastroparesis Research Donations

Days To Go Organized By: Trisha High Bundy An estimated 5 million people, including me, suffer from gastroparesis. Gastroparesis means "paralyzed stomach" and has no cure. The profit earned from this fundraiser will be donated to the UNC Funtional GI Disorder Research Center.Gastroparesis is a life altering illness with awful symptoms such as constant nausea, frequent abdominal pain, fatigue, inability to eat, malnutrition, etc.

Help us raise money to increase funding for Gastroparesis/FGIMD Research.

Gastroparesis Research Fundraiser. Campaign ends Thursday, March 12. Help us meet our fundraising goal of 25 shirts!

You Don't Have to Be Irish to GO GREEN WITH GP! | Facebook

You Don't Have to Be Irish to GO GREEN WITH GP! | Facebook

The Sharespot

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Today marks the beginning of Gastroparesis Awareness Month. Our advocacy group has been busy the past few weeks requesting Proclamations from each of our states. So far, about 10 have had their...