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Places to visit in Bali - Sightseeing Hotspots in Bali

Famed as Indonesia's favourite island getaway Bali is a tourist hotspot brimming with engaging points of interest. From iconic temples to private beaches the island's top attractions are as follows.



Made famous by the book and Julia Roberts starring film "Eat, Pray, Love" Ubud is Bali's premier resort haven for discerning beach lovers. As an all encompassing resort haven the area also hosts some of the best beach resort Bali has to offer. Encapsulating the best the island has to offer within its lush, beach laden confines Ubud serves as the cultural and recreational heart of the island. Lined with temples, towering mountains and verdant tropical jungles and rice paddy fields Ubud is also littered with picturesque gardens and a hotspot for outdoor activities including white water rafting, biking tours and yoga.


Uluwatu Temple

Dubbed Pura Luhur in the local tongue the Uluwatu Temple is perhaps the best known religious edifice in Bali. As an iconic temple perched at the summit of a massive mountain the Uluwatu Temple is as breathtaking from the outside as it is dramatic interiors. Occupying pride of place in Bukit Peninsula the temple has truly stood the test of time, having outlasted many a tumultuous period in the island's history since it was first constructed back in the 11th century. Towering above the surrounding landscape at a height of 70m the venue also affords panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and the island at large from its unique vantage point. Visitors based in The Laguna Resort & Spa Bali will enjoy easy access to the iconic edifice due to the hotel's strategic location.


Mount Batur in Kintamani

Tucked away among the clouds in Bali's eastern highlands Mount Batur Caldera is a must-visit attraction for adventurous travellers and hiking enthusiasts alike. Located in captivating Kintamani the active volcanic mountain offers mountain climbing enthusiasts a 1700m high challenge to reach the summit. The hours before dawn is deemed the best time to embark on a hike up the mountain with most climbing parties starting their journey at 4am to conquer the summit in time to catch the magnificent sunrise at 6am. In spite of the mountain's scale and size the trek itself is not arduous and open to visitors with a good bill of health regardless of fitness level. Directions to the top are also marked along the way while the ultimate reward for hikers clamouring up Mount Batur is the breathtaking views it offers in all directions.


Lovina- Dolphin Capital

Tipped to be one of the best venues in the world for dolphin spotting the area known as Lovina in Bali is another must-visit highlight for first time visitors. With regular boat tours taking countless visitors and marine life enthusiasts to the open seas the chances of catching a glimpse of the mischievous mammals is almost guaranteed in this dolphin sighting capital of Bali. Schools of the friendly creatures are known to occupy the water off the coast of Lovina during peak dolphin viewing season while the coastal hamlet itself is a tourist hotspot laden with trendy cafes and backpacker accommodation.


Agro Plantation, Bali

The perfect stopover for tea and coffee lovers touring Bali witnessing the fine art of coffee roasting and enjoying a cuppa overlooking the vast cultivation fields of Agro Plantation in Bali is a treat for the senses. True blue coffee connoisseurs can also uncover how the luxurious Kopi Luwak is manufactured with the aid of Civet cats.


Nusa Dua Private Beach

As Indonesia's favourite beach hub no trip to Bali would be complete without lounging in one of its pristine white, sandy beaches and Nusa Dua is a veritable icon in the island when it comes to breathtaking beaches. Frequented by honeymooners and high-rolling beachgoers alike the azure waters and powdery sands of Nusa Dua are the stuff picture postcard perfect beach vacations are made of.