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Top Unusual Things to see and do in Bangkok - Uncover Bangkok's Best Off-Beat Attractions

Owning to its popularity as a holiday hub Bangkok's highlights are well-documented. Travel off the beaten path to uncover quirky attractions even seasoned visitors miss on a tour of the Thai capital.


Rod Fai Market

Tipped to be one of the quirkiest local markets in Bangkok the Rod Fai Market occupies pride of place close to Chatuchak. A sprawling open-air thoroughfare the Rod Fai Market once occupied on a non-functioning railroad track although it now lies in an area at the back of Seacon Square Shopping Mall down Soi 51's Srinakarin Road. Revered as the city's finest vintage market the wide variety of memorabilia and era-based consumer goods sold at the venue makes it an anomaly in the capital. Various collectible are also found among the hippie style kiosks here which also retail Mao propaganda wares and 60's fashion items.


Bangkok Forensic Museum and the Songkran Nyomsane Forensic Medicine Museum

Conveniently located across the street from one of Bangkok's most visited sights, lies a lesser known space that is ranked among the city's eeriest corners. Located opposite the iconic Grand Palace in Bangkok lies the Bangkok Forensic Museum. Situated within the Siriraj Hospital this truly disturbing institution where everything from biological anomalies and deformities to tape worms are displayed in glass jars. The Songkran Nyomsane Forensic Medicine Museum located adjacent to the Forensic Museum on the other hand contains the preserved remains of infamous murderers and victims. Serving as a visual reminder of the brutality of some of the city's most famous crimes the venue is a stomach churning institution that is not for the faint of heart.


Fresh Flower Market

Located in the Old City of Bangkok in Rattanakosin the Bangkok Flower Market is situated close to the Wat Pho temple. Regarded as one of Bangkok's most breathtaking local markets Pak Khlong Talad as its known in the local tongue is an captivating fresh flower market that is also the city's largest market for fresh flora. Abloom daily with flowers brought in from various provinces close to Bangkok the market also retails fresh fruits and vegetables as well. Littered with colourful orchids that are indigenous to Thailand as well as a variety of roses, chrysanthemums, daisies and posies the entire market is a fragrant and picturesque corner of the city that should not be missed.


Papaya Vintage Shop

Take a step back in time to childhood heroes of eras gone by at the Papaya Vintage Shop where old is definitely gold. As a retail space that is revered by vintage toy collectors and shutterbugs alike the quirky confines of this crowded stores contain everything from action figures and comic book heroes to household items and furniture. A decades-old pinball machine is also part of the Papaya Vintage Shop's eclectic collection of goods which also includes Vespa motorcycles. Marvel comic fanatics will also find their favourite characters such as Wolverine, Flash and the Green Lantern in figurine form. Visitors staying in Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas or similar conveniently located luxury hotels in the city will have easy access to the shop as well as other unusual attractions in Bangkok.


Rama IX Park

Although it is the most expansive green space in the Thai capital the Rama IX Park remains one of the city's lesser known leisure hubs. Constructed as early as 1987 the vast space lined with botanical gardens and a massive lake offers visitors a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan Bangkok.