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A sampling of media outlets that found my POV worth sharing :)

Eyeview's CMO, Discusses How Video Can Drive Store Visits |

Personalized video ad tech company Eyeview is bringing in digital marketing veteran Jeff Fagel as its CMO to expand on the company’s concept of “outcome-based marketing.”
Fagel, who has held digital exec posts at PepsiCo, Sears Holdings, and Gannett explains his approach to 'outcome-based video advertising' for national businesses.

How Brands Can Navigate Millennials' Shifting Loyalty To Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat |

Facebook use is falling among Millennials. And that's a challenge for social media marketers, says Eyeview CMO Jeff Fagel. Brands have been primarily focused on proxy metrics, like GRPs, TRPs, and CTRs for too long. These are worthless, plus open you up to fraud. You can fake a lot in the digital advertising space, but you can’t fake sales.

Simply, when views and completions move to the back burner and advertisers focus on actual outcomes, performance becomes the cornerstone of the campaign.

Teens leaving Facebook? Here's how brands can reach them.

Teens leaving Facebook? Here's how brands can reach them. Use data to craft creative "The industry is craving personalization, but it will take a fundamental shift in how campaigns are set up and executed to truly deliver on one-to-one creative," said Jeff Fagel, CMO, Eyeview. Create ads that work at :05, :15, and :30

Retail industry experts' first reactions to Amazon Dash

Jeff Fagel, CMO at G/O Digital
“Ultimately, it’s the question: ‘Why do I need this?’

Report: Consumers Already Experiencing Holiday Shopping Fatigue

CoFactor CMO Jeff Fagel, who led the study, told SocialTimes:

Retailers have trained consumers to wait for a sale. To look the other way. To shop around. To ignore them. While the allure of Black Friday has lessened, customers love for deals has not. Retailers release their holiday campaigns earlier and earlier, but shoppers lost interest. In terms of response to these earlier efforts, October saw an early spike, but led to consumer fatigue by November.

What Will Marketers Do Differently In 2015?

We asked marketing executives to share the lessons they learned in 2014 and how they'll apply them in 2015. Read on for their answers. One of the many topics mentioned is sure to hit home.
Jeff Fagel, CMO, G/O Digital (Gannett's digital marketing services arm), told
Visuals matter more than ever before. We buy with our eyes, whether it’s in line at McDonald’s or through in-stream native digital executions. We now have far better technologies, devices, and precise marketing capabilities available to us. And our shopping experiences are now faster, easier, and more engaging–all thanks to technology.

Altimeter Releases Study-From Web Traffic to Foot Traffic: How Brands and Retailers Can Leverage Digital Content to P...

A Q&A with analyst Rebecca Lieb and Jeff Fagel, CMO of Cofactor, on a new Altimeter Study: From Web Traffic to Foot Traffic: How Brands and Retailers Can Leverage Digital Content to Power In-Store Sales. Q: What companies provided information for this report?

Will Merchant Mobile Wallets Play Nice with Location-Based Marketing?

CHICAGO - Mobile wallet apps and location-based marketing apps may end up in a struggle for consumer interest if they are not working together at the same time.

“Consumers don’t have a channel strategy; they have a shopping strategy,” said Jeff Fagel, chief marketing officer for Cofactor, a Chicago-based digital advertising company.

“It’s a huge problem for retailers that there is a growing number of messages coming to them over a growing number of channels,” Fagel added.

Six Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Mobile phones are essential to shopping these days, and a majority of cell phone owners say they're willing to share personal data with merchants in exchange for such things as coupons and discounts. But navigating mobile marketing can be confusing for small business owners, who must avoid bombarding people with unwanted texts while they're slogging through crowds of holiday shoppers.

How Sephora blended a stand-out beauty video strategy - Digiday

“Shoppable content is intriguing, as a brand can build both a reason to believe and a reason to act,” said Jeff Fagel, CMO of G/O Digital. “Said differently, how do you build the brand and drive sales? The key is scale, execution and simplicity for the consumer.”

Amex Grooms Merchant Loyalty Coalition Plenti For Marketing Insights - AdExchanger

Amex Grooms Merchant Loyalty Coalition Plenti For Marketing Insights
according to Jeff Fagel, CMO for Gannett’s G/O Digital division and former brand director at Sears and ConAgra.

“From Belly to LevelUp, Shopkick and Foursquare, social engagement, payment and loyalty startups have lured brands with the promise of mobile consumer engagement, but the verdict is still out on their ability to drive loyalty, brand connection or revenue,” he noted

Five Ways To Save: The Coupon Evolves, Digitally - AdExchanger

Strive for simplicity, said Jeff Fagel, vice president of marketing for edo Interactive. “Anything that adds work on the consumer side – from scanning QR codes, to printing coupons – sounds good on paper, but today’s deal-driven consumer quickly tires of novelty, especially when it requires a lot of effort,” he said.

How Much Is Too Much Visual Content On Social Media?

Visuals matter a lot, as they mattered in the 1950s when leading brands spent big money on TV commercials to get people to notice, consider, and buy their latest line of products, whether it was a new cereal flavor, laundry detergent, or cigarettes. And they matter just as much, if not more, today. We buy with our eyes, whether it’s in line at McDonald’s or through in-stream native digital executions.

Amazon Dash: Underestimated device or unnecessary gimmick?

Most weeks find Amazon garnering quite a bit of attention for one thing or another. But Amazon's Dash button, announced last week, was truly a surprise. The button, available to Prime members for now on an invitation-only basis, allows reorders of household items with a simple touch.

Amazon: No fear of failure

Since the mid-nineties, America's premier e-commerce site has habitually and utterly disrupted retail. But recently retailers have hit back, with more nimble e-commerce sites of their own, price matches, and delivery options that continue to rival whatever Amazon comes up with. “While showrooming is centered on price, 'reverse showrooming' is all about discovery,” writes Jeff Fagel, CMO of G/O Digital

Starbucks craves double shot of mobile ordering with expansion

The brand is planning to introduce the feature throughout the nation this year, and believes it represents Starbucks’ goal of retaining its stronghold in the mobile space. However, the brand may see some initial challenges during the rollout.

“Another issue that could possibly arise is that the actual item ordered through Mobile Order and Pay may not end up being what’s handed to them when they pick it up at their local Starbucks,”said Jeff Fagel, chief marketing officer of G/O Digital, Chicago, IL. ”Besides the initial frustration of waiting for the barista to whip up their new latte (which will subside quickly for most), that extra delay could frustrate more than just that shopper – it could make the line inside the local Starbucks even longer.

BIA/Kelsey Local Media Watch - The Nexus of All Things Local

Today at SMB Digital Marketing, Jeff Fagel, the new CMO of G/O Digital, Gannett's renamed local digital arm, offered a very Amazon-centric view of the local online ecosystem. Gannett has 82 daily newspapers and is the fourth-largest owner of TV stations, and it has a big direct sales force.

What Will Marketers Do Differently In 2015?

Experience, the saying goes, is the best teacher. So for this week's "CMO Wants to Know," we asked marketing executives to share the lessons they learned in 2014 and how they'll apply them in 2015. Read on for their answers. One of the many topics mentioned is sure to hit home. Jeff Fagel, CMO, G/O Digital (Gannett's digital marketing services arm), told
Visuals matter more than ever before. We buy with our eyes, whether it’s in line at McDonald’s or through in-stream native digital executions

Best Buy Looks to Startup edo to Combat Black Friday 'Showrooming'

Every November, as retailers dig deep into their bags of tricks, battling each other and their online counterparts for your wallet, the demand for innovation often sparks collaborations with new startups and their novel technologies. For Best Buy, this means partnering with Nashville-based startup, edo Interactive, which specializes in "card-linked offers." Best Buy ran a trial program back with edo in May, aimed at both driving new customers and lifting basket size. Of those who redeemed the deal, 80% were new customers, 25% of whom came back at least once within 90 days, without further incentive, according to edo VP-Marketing Jeff Fagel.

Edo Bucks Trend, Expands Into Local

As firms like Group Commerce pull out of the local market, others like Edo are moving in the opposite direction. The company, which syndicates card-linked offers to financial institutions like Ally Bank and Fifth Third, has hooked up with local reseller 2Go Media to open its network to local merchants through a simplified version of its enterprise platform. “We’re realistic that were not going to be able to scale at the local level unless we can [build] developer partnerships that can help us [achieve] relationships with local merchants at scale,” Jeff Fagel, VP of marketing and brand development at Edo, told Street Fight.

Mobile's Not a Noun, It's a Verb: Behavior is Everything | Mobile Marketing Watch

A lot of marketers may think of mobile as a channel, a thing, a site, a means - particularly in regard to their own advertising efforts. In their minds, it's a noun. But according to Jeff Fagel, CMO at G/O Digital, we really should be thinking of mobile as a verb.

Holiday Shoppers Will Move Between Online and Offline More Than Ever Before

Believe it or not - the holiday season is right around the corner. For retailers, it's a time to show off the best new products and emerging technologies in hopes of luring shoppers online and in stores. G/O Digital CMO Jeff Fagel explained just how important both aspects will be for retailers who want optimum returns on their holiday marketing investment.

Your Business's Biggest Mistake: Not Being on Facebook

As ubiquitous as the corporate Facebook page is today, some small businesses have still not claimed their space on the popular social network. Whether you're actively resisting the trend or just haven't gotten around to setting up a page, your company's lack of Facebook presence may not seem like that big of a deal. Jeff Fagel, chief marketing officer of G/O Digital, said that to succeed both online and offline, small businesses must first understand consumers' online-to-offline shopping behaviors and invest at least a portion of the company's digital marketing dollars to create precisely targeted, relevant and personalized experiences.

Snow and last-minute shoppers could help e-retailers this V-Day weekend

As procrastinating lovers scramble for gifts, a new IBM report shows how blizzards give a bounce to e-commerce. Snow, procrastinating men and online ads targeted to consumers in their 20s promise to play major roles in e-commerce this Valentine's Day weekend, according to experts and studies. The reasons for such purchasing are clear, explains Jeff Fagel, chief marketing officer at G/O Digital, which helps retailers market themselves online. “Most women look forward to being pampered and showered with gifts from their husbands, boyfriends, fathers and even children,” he says. “It’s the only holiday that comes with collateral damage if it’s ignored.

The Power Of Being Global And Acting Local

While consumers may be referring to digital touch points more frequently to make browsing and buying decisions, they still thrive an intimate, one-to-one connection. And frankly, sometimes the anonymity of the web creates anything but an intimate experience. Reaffirming this point is Jeff Fagel, who is CMO at G/O Digital. Prior to his current role, Fagel served as a marketing exec for Gatorade, Pepsi Co. and Sears. Needless to say, he has the marketing knowledge to share detailed feedback on current trends, best practices and what we can expect in 2015.