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Updated by Alex Untola on Feb 27, 2015
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Top 5 Family Attractions in Bendigo – it’s a child’s play

Yes, with its beautiful, snow-like illuminated environment, Bendigo is one of the few classic destinations worth travelling with your family. When you choose a destination to travel with family, you should consider how it can entertain your kid. This said, Bendigo is more than qualified.


Mulligrubs Play Center

If you need a few hours rest from your child, Mulligrubs Play Centre is the best place to go. Travelling around, you will see this as a large indoor children's play centre. The centre is run by a family.
The centre got everything handy to keep your child occupied for a few hours. While your child is at it, you can go to a close by cafe and engage in a hearty elderly talk. The centre's new developments, such as the new state of art equipment, your child will have a wonderful experience. The children should be either 12 years or below that age. The children can play within the confines of fenced area. The area is fenced especially for the sake of toddlers.


Golden Dragon Museum

Ever heard of dragons. Of course, you should have. With all those Narnia and other fantasy fiction, dragons have now entered the world. But your child knows them more than you do. So they will thank you profusely when you head to the Golden Dragon Museum. But the mueseum is mainly of interest for adults. It narrates the story of the Chinese people who immigrated to the city. That is one of the sources of dragon fiction. Inside the museum you get an opportunity to visit Chinese gardens and temples. The museum offers insights into how Chinese weathered the history and their contribution to world history. If you stay at Sundowner Bendigo Golden Reef Motor Inn, one of the Bendigo Motels, it will be easy to travel around the city.


Discovery Science and Technological Center

It is good to give your child a good scientific background during childhood. While giving them the opportunity of entertainment, you can make use of the samd to introduce them to the rational world. Discovery Science and Technological Center is the ideal gateway to introduce your child to thr world of explorations and science. As an elder, you wills probably be mesmerized by its 120,000-square foot space. It is covered by interactive exhibits, the Reiman Aquarium, Digital Theater, learning labs, live theater shows, and a host of other facilities. All this evookes much entertainment and fun for your child as well as you.


Bendigo Water World

If you need a good break from the city life, include Bendigo Water World in your to do list. The Water World is about sevevn minutes from Central Bendigo. Its natural ironbank Forest will soothe your tiredness and soften your senses. Its tropical touch adds a meaning to the water world ambience. Its signatory barbecues are noteworthy with a great many tables and chairs, kiosk and parking for both cars and coaches.


Parky's Wonderland

Parky's Wonderland will take even you by surprise with its vast space. Needless to state, your child will be enamoured by its surrounding. The wonderland has almost everything that can keep a child occupied. You can chill out enjoying its wonders, while your child actually plays them.