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Updated by Alex Untola on Feb 27, 2015
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Top 05 Things to Do in Perth – unleash your travel desires

Perth is among the eight main capitals of Australia. The country has a huge tourist influx, and Perth is no exception. There is so much to visit and sightsee in this city. In the heart of the city lies a promise: you will never ever experience the same anywhere else in the globe.


Go Horse Riding

Wherever you see in Perth there is so much of greenery. That means a good amount of fresh air. That is why you must choose horse riding here. The horse riding lets you breathe in the fresh air of the beautifully kept natural areas. Horse riding is available for you no matter what professional level you are in. Even your kids have a chance to horse-ride on a pony. The horse will take you around the city of Perth, across its idyllic paths and historical roads. Riding horse is the best way to enjoy, and experience, Perth. Do not ever let go of such a golden opportunity. Take lodging at one of the Perth City Hotels and plan your stay.


Tour His Majesty's Theatre

If you have an interest for culture, Perth would never disappoint you. It is brimming with excellent art galleries, museums and theatres. His Majesty's Theatre stands alone here with its historical elegance. The theatre possesses an Edwardian-style throwback. The Edwardian style belonged to those old days when entertainment was given a prime place. The building and its structure shows how important entertainment was considered during the olden days. The building has a classy look around it with a majestic air. This is where Australia's historical stage productions were held. All these stage productions were held in importance, as they were held before the royal audience.


Sci-tech Discovery Centre

This is one of the finest places to visit, if you are traveling with your kid. It will be a good educational experience for your child, probably a scientist in the making. The best thing about Sci-tech Discovery centre is you get an opportunity to learn while having fun. The Centre is not hard to find. It is located close to King's Park in the heart of Perth. The centre greets every kind of visitors with the knowledge of 21st century. The interactive and edutainment sessions are held to encourage a wider scope of modern day knowledge among the younger generation.


The Aviation Heritage Museum

Whether your child is interested in aviation or not, visit this museum. They will learn something and it will be important for their science-related knowledge. The museum shelters an interesting collection of vintage aircrafts. That is one reason why the museum is considered unique. The collection contains 30 full-sized aircraft and other smaller various keepsakes related to flight. The museum will introduce you to the not-so-long, yet detailed, history of the world aviation. The museum is run by sponsorship, visitor donations and volunteering work. Even if you are not up for aviation field, this museum will ignite some interest in you towards the subject.


Visit the Pinnacles Desert

Perhaps what you already did not know is that Australia holds reputation for its unique geographical set up and rock formation. If you head to Western Australia, you will find Pinnacles Desert. The desert is well noted for its vivid red-orange sands. The rocky limestone, which resemble mildly dazzling moon, is absolutely a sight for sore eyes.