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Attractions in Dubai - Must-Visit Highlights in Dubai

As the UAE's premier holiday hub Dubai is a city brimming with intriguing points of interest. From iconic landmarks to historic sites here are the must-see attractions in the desert vacation capital.


Dubai Museum

Located within the Al-Fahidi Fort which dates back to 1787 the Dubai Museum is a one of a kind cultural institution documenting the proud legacy of the city and its expansion to become one of the world's top metropolises. Featuring ancient maps and engaging exhibits the museum explores the city's rapid growth after the discovery of oil.


Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House

As a prominent landmark in the city the former residence of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum is another intriguing point of interest in Dubai. Featuring artefacts from the Dubai Museum of Historical Photographs the historic home now serves as a tribute and memorial to the former Dubai ruler. Featuring classic Islamic architectural features the 30-room mansion's intricately carved doors of teak and central courtyard are some of its main highlights in addition to the exhibits.


Burj Khalifa

Revered as one of the most iconic structures to grace the Dubai skyline the Burj Khalifa is an 829.8 m high testament to human ingenuity. Featuring observation decks with panoramic views of the city the venue also boasts landscaped gardens and the world highest performing water fountain, The Dubai Fountain on its ground floor.


Bastakia or Old Dubai

Built on the wealth of the city's Persian traders the Bastakia Quarter still remains one of Dubai's top attractions. Exuding the charm of the latter half of the 19th century the limestone building lined streets of Old Dubai feature classic examples of Arabic architecture. Must-visit hotspots within this area include the Majlis Gallery and the XVA Gallery.


Heritage and Diving Village

Exploring every facet f Dubai's history and culture the purpose built Heritage and Diving Village offers visitors a look back at Dubai pearl diving and dhow constructing days. With true to life showcases of the Bedouin lifestyle on display the venue also houses conventional coffee houses and handicrafts stalls where artisans are hard at work employing old pottery and weaving methods to produce wares.


Dubai Mall

As the city's most popular retail hub the Dubai Mall is an all -encompassing recreational space that is not just devoted to shopaholics. Home to a state-of-the-art Cineplex, ice skating rink and gaming studios the entertainment and dining options available at the ,all are some of the best in the city. Hosting the Dubai Summer Surprises Festival and the Dubai Shopping Festival yearly the mega mall is also the preferred venue to host local musical showcases and fashion shows.


Deira Souks

Tucked away within the northern shores of the Dubai Creek the Deira Souks offers visitors an authentic Arabic retail experience with traditional souks littering its confines. With a multi-cultural atmosphere the venue which resembles a bustling bazaar is home to the largest gold market in the world. Dubbed the City of Gold the Deira Souks are the best jewellery retail hubs in the city offering traditional and modern design options for gold jewellery lovers.


Dubai Aquarium

Revered as a family-oriented attraction the Dubai Aquarium is home to more than 140 varieties of marine life. Some of the locale's top highlights are of course its Underwater Zoo while other activities on offer include glass bottom boat excursions, shark diving and cage snorkelling opportunities. Visitors based in the Desert Palm Dubai will have easy access to the site and other activities Dubai has to offer thanks to the hotel's strategic location.