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Updated by Erin Hunter on Feb 27, 2015
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Top 05 Adventurous Activities to do in Oman– Enjoy some unique activities in the beautiful country.

Oman is a fantastic destination to try out a wide range of adventure activities. The beautiful ocean, the stunning mountains and gorgeous desert are all full of fascinating adventures to explore.


Find a unique hotel to stay in

Out of the many adventurous activities in beautiful Oman, going to a desert night camp is one of the most exciting adventures that you can embark on. Oman offers plenty of excellent fully functional night camps in the desert to allow visitors to enjoy a remarkably unique camping experience. If you are on the lookout for a great hotel in Oman, then be sure to try out the beautiful Desert Night Camp for an experience like no other.


Enjoy some trekking

If you are a fan of hiking or trekking, then Oman is definitely the place to enjoy your sport. The country features a diverse selection of trekking offerings including one day walking tours all the way to walking for several days. The more experienced you are, the more demanding a trekking experience you can try. The mountain ranges of Oman is famous for offering great trekking trails and most hotels and independent services providers offer travellers with everything that they need. You have a magnificent opportunity to walk along old donkey paths, enjoy a refreshing bath in a river, enjoy the stunning view from the mountain tops as well as to discover old villages.


Go mountain climbing

For those with an interest in mountaineering, Oman is a spectacular destination full of beautiful mountain ranges to explore. The most popular choices include the Wadi Tiwi, Nizwa and Bani Awf. These beautiful mountains are perfect for amateur and expert climbers alike. If you are up for a bit of adventure on the mountains, be sure to alert your hotel to arrange a guide and the necessary supplies to enjoy the adrenaline pumping sport.


Try Canyoning

The beautiful mountains of Oman are cut by deeply embedded canyons, perfect for canyoning. Also known as aquatic hiking, canyoning is a fantastic activity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and to explore the more hidden areas of the beautiful country. In addition to accessing the deep canyons, visitors are also able to enjoy a range of other activities associated with the area's abundant natural beauty. Bathing, jumping off cliffs into the deep waters, swimming and hiking are all available in the beautiful canyon regions of Oman. You can obtain a guide and all the necessary equipment and gear to enjoy the stunning canyons while also trying out the many adventurous sports activities.


Snorkeling in the Indian Ocean

The beautiful Indian Ocean is home to some of the most fascinating aquatic life you can imagine. If you are ever in Oman, you can definitely try out a bit of snorkeling to explore the fantastic ocean life in the Omani sea. From a chance to catch a glimpse of stunning corals and colourful schools of gorgeous and even rare fish, all the way to swimming with turtles, your snorkeling experience will definitely be something fascinating that you won't forget in a lifetime. It doesn't matter whether you are a snorkeling enthusiast, a thrill seeking expert or even a novice on their first ever snorkeling attempt, Oman is perfect to enjoy snorkeling with professional guides and with top-of-the-range gear.