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Character Education

A list to give educators advice on how to educate children to develop a good character.

How to Include Character Education In Daily Life with Young Kids - Moments A Day

I started this website to share ideas for sparking conversations about character with my kids. I knew as a mother one of my highest priorities was to offer character education in daily life, and so it was my goal to find ways to do this that both my kids and myself would enjoy.

FREE Classroom Posters For Every Teacher

Have you ever had one of THOSE years? I'm sure you know what I mean... the kind of year that makes you a little crazy? When you spend half your time on character education?

These FREE classroom posters are for you. Print them in colorful paint splatter, or in plain black and white.

Kids Virtue Poster

This single poster is the foundation of our entire Virtues system. Hang it in a prominent place in your home or classroom for easy reference. You can send your kids to the poster to find the Virtue that they are using at any moment to encourage them, or to find the Virtue that they need to start using to Inspire a change in their attitudes and actions.


Character Counts! One pillar at a time, we are laying the foundation for a lifetime of good character choices. It is our goal to build 'value-able' citizens who will eventually become tomorrow's leaders. The Six Pillars of Character are integrated into everything we do.

Character on YouTube

Youtube has everything from music to videos, interviews to how-to manuals. Recently, I've come across several videos that are short clips teaching character.

'YourKids' Teacher

Just before lunch I showed the kids a short video on how to subtly stand up for someone who is being treated mean or bullied. The following morning I had written, just one word on the board. mean. I then shared some more videos on how bullying happens and how it continues. The lessons were short, focused and sometimes intense. I didn't want to lecture, I wanted to inform. I wanted the kids to make the connection between the words and actions they choose and how those choices impact others.

Entirely Elementary...School Counseling: Beginning of the Year Theme - BE YOURSELF

The final theme decision: "BE" Yourself!

First, I created small signs with a whole bunch of words to go along with BE - to describe qualities the students should strive for. For example: BE - unique, smart, different, responsible, respectful, honest, trustworthy, etc. I used fun free fonts I downloaded (see my July 24th post - Fun Free Fonts). I printed many of the words on patterned cardstock that I found at the Dollar Store. I laminated all of them.

One Lesson at a Time: 5 Ways To Build Classroom Community in the Upper Grades

We all know how crucial it is to cultivate a strong and supportive classroom community, beginning on day one. When students feel comfortable and safe in their environment, they are able to express themselves, problem-solve effectively, and take healthy learning risks.

100 Books That Build Character |

100 Books That Build Character Every now and then a situation presents itself where I find myself looking for that just-right book to read to my class - one that will serve as an example of good character or act as a literary pep talk for my students.

'National Bullying Awareness Month': Character education lesson plans (Video)

In honor of National Bullying Awareness Month, here are eight (8) character education lesson plans appropriate for grades five to eight. Each lesson includes nine sections: Section 1: Lesson Objectives Section 2: K-W-L MODEL discussion ('K' and 'W' questions) Section 3: Vocabulary Section 4: Story Section 5: Popcorn Review Section 6: Role-Play Section 7: Bloom's Taxonomy discussion questions Section 8: Writing assignment Section 9: K-W-L MODEL discussion ('L' questions) These field-tested lessons are totally self-contained.

Teaching With Love and Laughter

Promoting good character in my students is so important to me. My school teaches character education and all the teachers choose one student each month to be the Kid of Character winner. They are honored with a certificate at a monthly assembly.

Five Keys to Successful Social and Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning Use this roundup page to discover why educators must help students develop the skills to manage their emotions, resolve conflicts nonviolently, and make responsible decisions.
ARTICLE: Social and Emotional Learning Research Review Numerous research reports show that social and emotional learning (SEL) can have a positive impact on students' academic performance.

Grades 6-9

Lots of Character Education Lesson Plans for grades 6-9.

Non-Fiction Lesson: Embracing Failure

This expository, non-fiction lesson engages students in a discussion about self-esteem and the importance of failure. I have provided links to several articles and youtube videos that will challenge students to think critically about the topic. The questions provided require them to illustrate their comprehension of the readings and to extend their understanding as they make connections to their own lives. Options and rubrics are included for written assignments.

Lesson Plans | Random Acts of Kindness

Teach kindness in the classroom with these well made lesson materials.

The School Counselor's Chronicle: The Real Definition of COOL

My class lesson for Grade 5 this month is teaching students the real definition of the word "cool". I got the idea from Naomi Drew's book No Kidding About Bullying and adapted it a bit to fit my needs.

Five Great Motivational Videos for Your Students ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Below are some of the inspiring videos made by teenagers at TedxTeen which is the adolescent version of TED talks. Show your students what other teenagers are doing apart from being glued to their mobile phone screens texting all the time.Let them see the potential inside of them that they are wasting when they only play games all the time.

Friendship - Lesson Plans - Middle School - Character Education

This material is from the teaching guide
for the video "Friendship"
in the 12-part DVD series Big Changes, Big Choices. (Grades 5-9)
If you are using the video, ask the first two questions before viewing. 1. What qualities do you look for in a friend? 2. Are friends more important to you now than they were in elementary school? Why?

The Corner On Character: Empathy In A (Shoe) Box Guest Post

With four pairs of shoes, you can make a lasting impression on students about empathy.

Ed Stockham, Empathy Explorer: Through My Eyes

Chapter 2 in a series of short videos in which animator, filmmaker, and whimsical genius Ed Stockham explores what empathy is, why it matters, and how we "start" it.

Ideas for teaching children character :Details by Blogger & Author Maria Dismondy

I believe in making a difference. I believe that if we teach our children about kindness, empathy and other important character traits, we will help make a brighter future for them. This special series was designed for parents, teachers or anyone else who wants to join in and read.

10 Days of Character Studies: Day 1

The 10 Days of Character Studies.

Curriculum | Character First Education

The NEW Character First elementary curriculum presents timeless character traits in a bold, fresh manner. These lessons are designed for students in public school, private school, home school, day care, summer camp, or any other educational setting.

Overcoming Obstacles Sample Lessons and Activities | Overcoming Obstacles Life Skills Education

Help your students succeed! Overcoming Obstacles is available for free nationwide. Register today or download our free app!

Character Education - Guidance - Life Skills - Lesson Plans

Read our article How to Do Character Education: An Overview The BIG PICTURE, made clear and simple You are a character educator. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, guidance counselor, custodian, or school bus driver, you are helping to shape the character of the kids who interact with you.