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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Apr 06, 2023
Headline for Slicing Shirts: 10 Awesome DIY T-Shirt Cut-Outs
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Slicing Shirts: 10 Awesome DIY T-Shirt Cut-Outs

T-shirts are everywhere, and its hard to stand out in the crowd with one. If you have a good pair of scissors and some time, you can cut some great images out of any boring ol' t-shirt. Use a t-shirt from a thrift shop, the back of your closet, or a clothing swap. There are many places you can score a free one, plus it doesn't really matter what the shirt looks like because you're going to cut it up anyway.

Skull Cutout T-shirt

This is a great one because it's not your usual skull cut-out. It appears as if the shirt's holes just happen to look like a skull. That's a really cool effect.

DIY: WINGS cutout Tshirt (upcycling)

The best material for any kind of cut-out is cotton. This is so your shirt doesn't fall apart. The angel wings can be both sweet and edgy, so you can go from day to night in this shirt.

Stormtrooper Cut-Out Shirt

If you're bored with the usual skull cut-out, or you're a huge Star Wars fan, this is the shirt for you. It also makes a really wonderful gift for a friend.

Boat People Boutique

The cross takes some time and straight lines, but the effect is well worth it. It looks great on larger t-shirts, and even ones that could double as a dress.

DIY: Spinal Heart Cut out Studded Tank top

"Turn your Boyfriends T-shirt into chic cropped tank top All you need is T-shirt Scissors Studs My Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram anasilviabeauty"

This is an edgier take on the heart cut-out. The scissors I like to use are sharp and small, they're good for detail.

DIY: Dream Catcher Cutout Top

This one has a ton of detail. You might want to do it with scissors of different sizes, and practice before hand. Once it's done, it's beautiful.

sorelle in style: d.i.y. peace sign cut-out tank

If you're looking for something a little calmer than a skull, the peace sign is an excellent option. The triangle cut outs give this t-shirt some eye-catching detail.

Tutorial: Skeleton Cut T-Shirt - Halloween Costume - @salinasiu

"Posted on October 20, 2013 If you're looking for a simple DIY Halloween costume, how about a skeleton? You just need a t-shirt, a pair of scissors and I'll show you how to cut it up (and put on the makeup)!"

This one doubles as a cute shirt for the summer and a quick costume for Halloween.


The heart cut out is simple and cute. It's great for turning a t-shirt into your go-to beach summer wear. Like all of these DIY options, it might take a few tries, so make sure you practice on a t-shirt you don't really like at first.

Cut T-Shirt with Bows on Back - Salinabear x Elephant in the Room

Here's an adorable bow-tie back. It looks more complicated than it actually is, so give it a try!