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Top Bikes for Toddlers 2016 - Best Balance Bike Reviews List

Over the past few years, balance bikes for toddler boys and girls have expanded into quite the market! When shopping for a great beginning bike for toddlers the main question might be, "Which one to choose?" The answer to that is this: Choose from the ones that are getting the most sales, as well as the highest ratings from consumers.

That said, here is a list that I put together - the "best of" toddler bikes this year - plus some other helpful lists, reviews, to help you on your way to finding just the right bicycle for your toddler; updated for winter and spring of 2016.


Strider 12 Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike

STRIDER balance bikes are industry-leading training bikes that help children as young as 18 months learn to ride on two wheels. STRIDER balance bikes focus on the fundamentals of balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions and complications of pedals or training wheels. The simple, no-pedal design builds confidence and eliminates fear by allowing kids to have their feet on the ground...

Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike

The 12 Sport model offers every feature a child (or parent) could want with custom grips, padded saddle, handlebar pad, and quick release clamps (no-tool adjustment). It is the perfect balance of performance, options, and value. More than eight years of design evolution and manufacturing improvements all packaged into one model. In addition, it comes with a second padded saddle and extra long seat post to fit a taller, 3- 5 year old child.

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

Chicco Red Bullet helps children quickly learn how to get the balance they need to ride a two-wheeled bike; using the Chicco Red Bullet makes it so easy for kids to start riding a real bicycle with less difficulty.

Schwinn Balance Bike, 12-Inch

The 12" Schwinn balance bike offers a unique foot to floor design which inspires confidence while teaching the fundamentals of balance. Air tires and tube for a easy roll, adjustable seat height for the growing child and adjustable handlebars.

YBIKE Balance Bike

Start 'em learning to ride at an early age with the YBike balance bike. Perfect for toddlers, the YBike is designed and engineered to help your child build the skills, balance, and coordination necessary to ride a big-kid bicycle. The YBike helps your child learn to balance and turn without risking injury. The YBike is outfitted with a tough, long-lasting frame, with an injection-molded structure

Best Bikes for Kids 2016-2017 - Top 12, 16 and 20 Inch Bicycles for Girls and Boys

No matter if a bicycle is for a girl or boy, and no matter which size you might be searching for in terms of kids younger than teen age (12, 16 or 20 inch bikes), there are some great choices to be had this year...

Best Bikes for Toddlers - Top Reviewed Balance and Pedal Bikes for 2016

Nowadays, most parents of toddlers have become aware of the different bicycle options - there are both balance and pedal bikes that are wonderful choices, depending on where a little one is at in the "learning how to ride a bike" process...

Top Toddler Balance Bikes - Best Bicycles for Toddlers

Which balance and pedal bikes are getting the best reviews and the most look-sees? Here is all the info you need on the toddler bikes that kids and parents are loving this year...

Where to Buy Toddler Bikes Online

Especially for toddlers, it is important for parents and otherwise shoppers to choose bicycles that are not only fun, but safety is even more of a factor with kids in this age group...

Top 5 Balance Bikes for Toddlers - Best of List 2016

Balance bikes! They were all the rage a few years back, and remain one of parents' staples of teaching little ones to ride a bike. They can give you the ability to "gen in" toddlers at the right level of learning, simplifying learning how to pedal later on...

Best Bikes for Toddlers 2016

Find top picks, lists, reviews of the best bicycles for toddler-aged kids this year...

Best Toddler Balance Bikes - Spring 2016 Top 5 List

Find this year's current top 10 list - best bikes for toddlers...

Best Bikes for Toddlers 2016

While some parents prefer balance bikes to help get their toddlers up and bicycling down the sidewalk, others believe that traditional training-wheeled bikes are the way to go. Either way, there are some great ones out there this year! Here are the top picks based on reviews and popularity - plus some other helpful stuff...

3 Bikes That Toddlers Will Go Gaga Over - Spring and Summer 2015

Some toddlers are super-easy to please - you know the type, erupting into fits of adorable giggles at the slightest funny moment. Whereas other toddlers are hard-pressed to be less-than-easy to please, staring you down with the most cynical expression as you struggle to get the hint of a giggle...

Best Bikes for Toddlers 2016

Find top picks, lists, reviews of the best bicycles for toddler-aged kids this year...

Beyond the Balance: Five Reasons Why Balance Bikes are Worth the Hype

Sure, balance bikes are full of hype right now, but they are one of the rare things in life that deserve it. Beyond simply teaching kids to balance, here are five additional reasons why balance bikes are worth every penny. 1. Safety: Balance bikes are much safer and more practical than tricycles and training wheels.

Balance Bikes vs. Training Wheels

By San Francisco Bicycle Coalition on January 1, 2012 Chances are, when you learned to ride a bike you did so with training wheels. You probably hopped right on that bike with the clanking extra wheels and pedaled off to the playground.

How to teach your child to ride a bike | video

Bicycle educator Breen Goodwin: If you could have any bike, what color would you want? Gabriela: Blue. Goodwin: Blue? Goodwin: Hi, I'm Breen Goodwin, the education director at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. I teach children and adults how to ride a bicycle safely without the need for training wheels.

The Top 14 Balance Bikes For Toddlers

Balance bike what? That's what I would have said before moving next door to the Sporty McSportersons. Who are lovely, really. My neighbours have two young boys, one just exiting out of the toddler stage and one still mucking about in it.

Teaching a Child How to Ride a Bike

You can generally start teaching a child to ride a bike between ages 3 and 6. Some children take to it naturally; others don't. The timing depends solely on your child's physical and mental development and comfort level. Don't force it.

Best Toddler Bikes 2015 - Top Balance and Training Wheel Bicycles

While it might seem to be an overly-simple subject, purchasing a new bike for a toddler boy or girl might require a bit more consideration than just a trip to Walmart. Especially if this is a new endeavor for parents, helping a child to learn the art...

Bicycle Helmets for Babies?

Bicycle Helmets for Babies?

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