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Updated by Catalina Forbes on Feb 26, 2015
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Top 10 Places to Visit in Maldives - Discover Maldives' 10 Must- Visit Highlights

As the world's most popular beach holiday Mecca the Maldives is home to a variety of intriguing attractions in Asia. From stunning resorts to historic sites here are its top 10 points of interest.


National Museum

Occupying pride of place in the Maldivian capital National Museum is one of the most iconic cultural institutions in the country. Showcasing the country's illustrious history throughout the ages the venue is located in the surviving portion of the former Maldivian Royal Palace. Displaying a wide variety of artefacts, photographs and other ancient items the 3 storey institution explores the country's progress over the decades.


Banana Reef

Situated within the breathtaking confines of the North Male Atoll the Banana Reef is a one of a kind diving hub in the paradise archipelago. Taking the shape of its namesake fruit the reef is 300m in length. Littered with colourful marine life such as Moray Eels, Napoleon Wrasses and Bannerfish the venue is also a popular hotspot for drift diving.


Utheemu Ganduvaru

As the historic home of Sultan Mohamed Thankurufaan Utheemu Ganduvaru is another must-visit highlight in the Maldives. Situated in Utheemu this palatial residence is located in the northern fringes of the country. As a national hero Sultan Mohamed Thankurufaan is credited with saving the country from Portuguese invaders. His life and legacy are explored in detail at Utheemu Ganduvaru.


Hukuru Miskiiy or Old Friday Mosque

As the most ancient mosque in all of the archipelago the Old Friday Mosque or Hukuru Miskiiy as it is formally known is a breathtaking religious edifice worthy of exploration. The stunning interior decor of the venue is composed of exquisite carvings as well as coral stone walls featuring Arabic scripture and motifs. The tombs of former sultans and noblemen are also found within the confines of Hukuru Miskiiy.


Alimatha Island

Strategically place in Vaavu Atoll, Alimatha Island lies on the eastern quarter of the archipelago. Known as an all encompassing holiday hub for mass tourism the locale is known to be a snorkelling and scuba diving heartland in the Maldives. Sandy beaches and recreational options make this island a popular choice among vacationers.


Kurumba Maldives

Tipped to be a resort haven unlike another in Maldives Kurumba Maldives is one of the finest luxury hotels Maldives has to offer. Ideally located within 10 minutes from the capital this idyllic resort offers the quintessential luxury beach vacation experience for discerning travellers. Home to 8 restaurants, 3 drinking holes and a protected azure lagoon this one stop holiday hub takes 5 star vacations to new heights.


Manta Point

Another prime diving hotspot in the country Manta Point as the name suggests is the best place to witness schools of rays feeding and being cleansed by wrasses. Littered with several coral rocks the mantas circle the area and after a thorough cleansing descend back in to the shallow ocean to feed on plankton.


HP Reef

Renowned as a coral heartland littered with breathtaking formations and a plethora of marine creatures HP Reef is another not-to-miss dive site in the country. As a protected marine area occupying the North Male Atoll a variety of fish species are found in this lush underwater landscape.


Jumhoreee Maidan

Also known as Republic Square, Jumhooree Maidan is one of Male's most popular leisure enclaves. Established in 1989 the verdant lawns of this square occupying the northern fringes of the capital afford stunning ocean vistas and an idyllic space to unwind in.


Bluetribe Moofushi Dive Center

Among the country's top diving schools the Bluetribe Moofushi Dive Center is the best venue in the archipelago to engage in snorkelling windsurfing, catamaran sailing, diving, kayaking and other water sports activities.