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Updated by Catalina Forbes on Feb 26, 2015
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Only in South Korea! – Great Things to Prove Your Visit to Korea

Awesome South Korea is just the place for creating a million holiday memories; with shopping and eating being top on the list. Read on and discover the many allures of this historic country.


Savour the Flavours of a Traditional Korean Dessert

Patbingsoo is a traditional dessert not to be missed. This delicious delight consists of shaved ice, condensed milk, rice cakes, ice cream and sweetened red beans also called Azuki beans. Sounds heavenly? Well it is and if you are willing to shell out a couple of extra dollars you could sample what is tipped to be the best Patbingsoo in Korea. Head over to the Library Bar and Lounge of the Shilla Hotel and order the dessert which will arrive with a generous helping of the lushes apple mangoes brought in from the beautiful Jeju Island. One serving may cost you around $40, however starting from the finely shaved ice to the juicy mangoes this spot is definitely the place for enjoying a delicious Patbingsoo.


Join a Million Worshipers in Prayer

Ever attended a Sunday mass with around 26,000 other devotees? Experience this extraordinary phenomenon by attending mass at the Yeuido Full Gospel Church which claims to have over a million members. Around 600,000 devotees attend the Sunday services held throughout the day while you need to be inside the church at least an hour ahead in order to find a proper seat. The church is a great place to take in South Korean culture and understand how rapidly Christianity is growing within the country.


Take a Daring Trip to the North

If you would love a visit to the secretive nation of North Korea it is possible. Tourists visiting South Korea are now given a chance to check out a small part of the enigmatic North. All you need do is visit the joint town of Panmunjum and join the Demilitarized (DMZ) tour, where you will be taken on a tour of the Joint Security Area Building enabling you to crossover to the North Korean half of the building for sights of the stern military personnel that are an integral part of the North. Interestingly the DMZ tour covers some of the tunnels dug out by the North towards the South.


Visit Gangnam City and Dance Gangnam Style

The song which acquired over 1.6 million views over the years has immortalised the town of Gangnam; which is the muse for singer Psy's infamous song. A rather rich and luxurious neighbourhood awaits you here giving meaning to the song's lyrics. Head over to the Noise Basement for a hip evening amidst cosmopolitan vibes. The entrance fee to the club is a tad extravagant similar to the flashy patrons that browse the club. Quite an experience the Noise Basement offers plenty of private rooms, two bars and a 'lookout staircase' for chilling out and observing the glitzy patrons.

These are just a few of the lures of South Korea. Choose the right accommodation for maximum convenience and comfort and discover a whole new world of traditions and fun.


Discover the Charms of Traditional Korean Houses

The capital Seoul is quite definitely Korea's central hub for enjoying the best attractions, but do consider venturing further out to savour the traditional customs of the country. A wise decision would be to choose a serviced apartment in Seoul. Enjoy all the amenities of a hotel at the well-appointed apartments together with the convenience of homely feeling. Most apartments are luxurious catering to expats, business & leisure travellers. Look out for one that is well located such as the Somerset Palace Seoul found in the downtown business district of Gangbuk. advantage of choosing an apart-hotel is you can explore areas such as Gyeongju at your own pace. This ancient city is the site for many archaeological discoveries. Sarangchae district in Gyeongju is home to many attractions such as royal tombs and olden day observatories. Spend a night in a traditional Korean house, meet the locals, savour the culture, legends & gorgeous scenery.